Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smoothie of the day

I'm having a project called:
"eat all superfoods before moving back to Finland"
going on.

After a nice game of football and ab training it was time for trying a new smoothie mixture again.

This time consisting (organic):
A banana
Natural yoghurt
Orange juice
Hemp seeds
Chlorella powder
Buckthorn powder
Agave syrup
Inca berries
A mixture of various seeds

The yoghurt really suits well. Hadn't tried it before doing a similar smoothie a few days ago.

I have quite a big load of work to do with eating this all. So much cocoa, acai, agave and all. But better this way than having none. ;-)

Oh and I found a store in town that sells MSM-shampoo and conditioner. Anyone ever tried? I think I might buy and test!


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