Wednesday, June 29, 2011


What has happened during the 17th to 29th of June?

Blogging has been to its minimum lately. Not on purpose, but due to prioritizing.
Finland, visitors in Haarlem, hi's and goodbye's, good and bad weather, all and nothing.

Oh and yes, I finally bought a new mobile as my basic of the most basic Samsung failed on me. Or maybe it was because of my Samsung -fail a few months ago...bathroom trip. I once swore I'd never get any other than those basic under 30€ phones. But now after years of using cheap phones, I decided to invest and buy a smart phone. Nokia, you better start succeeding now! Nokia C6-01 it is.

Here the latest days in mobile pictures:

Found my new favorite organic coconut water. It is amazing. Going to be my nr1 summer drink!

Enjoyed life at the summer cottage. Kayaking, eating well and quality time with family.

Forgot all my shoes and missed the train due to that. Had to travel to Varkaus to get them and took a bus to Helsinki to see Ellu.

Saw Ellu. Enough said.

Went to Caneli with Ellu and enjoyed a great Wild Cacao -smoothie breakfast.

Gained a bit of weight before leaving back to Amsterdam.
Met up to have lunch with Hilla, too!

Back to Haarlem on the 20th

Said Hi to Ingar and Bye to Jonas and Lauri. Later on also to Tina, Heikki, Nina, Ida, Monica and Irina. And...everyone. Duwo, the building we live in, is so silent now.

Annaïs had come for a quick visit. Thankfully had the time to have a quick coffee with the lovely one. T'estimo chica!

Linda is er = Linda's ?

Ingar and his love for Patronaat, where hardly anyone ended up on Thursday. Sad failure for the last (?) Patronaat.

Operation: straighten Chris' hair. See the lion resemblance?

Picking up Jonas' friends Asspen and Skjellstadli from the train station.

Lovely Vini.

Zandvoort beach on the 27th of June. 10pm and +28°C.

We've started to cook together more to get rid of all the food we still have left in our fridges.

Zandvoort beach today, 28th of June. Not as warm as yesterday when we got there again after 6pm. Cloudy and looked like a thunder was coming up.

Anyway I decided to go for the first swim of the summer! In the sea! With the lightning and thunder! With Sammy! And surprisingly: it was warm. Great.

And then came thunder, lightning and heavy rain - and time to head back home.


This last part of the blog post is by Karen (other special day meanings than her Birthday):

'Nothing really interesting on this day.' -Karen
'My Birthday is boring. Nothing happens.' -Karen

29.6.1613 Shakespeare's globe theater in London burnt down
29.6.1966 Hanoi bombing
29.6.2007 Apple iPhone released


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty Reckless, ehh?

The Pretty Reckless
@Paradiso 9.6.2011

Wow, wow, wow.
You can not imagine the look on my face when one evening I was just clicking around the Paradiso gig calendar. The Pretty Reckless, 9.6.2011, only 11€? What what what?
Biiig smile!

I've for long been a big Taylor Momsen fan style wise.
Here you can check out some cool collages of her outfits made by people.
Rock, rock!

Taylor is one of the few who pulls of the 'panda-eye' make-up and does not make it look disturbing. And what a body that lady has!

I went to the gig alone, and enjoyed it a lot. I love going to gigs by myself! Then you can fully concentrate on the music, show and experience.
The venue was sold out and the audience was much more older than I expected. I was totally prepared for all the 15year old chicas who I thought would come and check out what the Gossip Girl 'Little-Jenny' is like IRL. But no. The audience was more like 20-30year old rockers. Men, a lot of men! Cool!!

Amazing music, voice, stage presence, band, style. Worked.
The Pretty Reckless -gig was a great example of how to do a lot by doing nothing or with very little expenses. The gig was no Britney -show with millions used on decorations and all to create a show-vibe. This was a sex, drugs and rock'n'roll -show. Not to take that too literally.
Anyhow, by just small things like asking girls to go dance on stage, the atmosphere was created. Simple but oh-so-lovable.

Yeah, Taylor might be young, but she surely has the attitude. Pure talent in performing.
A singer-actor who knows what she's doing!
Hope she won't go too insane, as, she is still youngyoungyoung.

I was in for a treat as The Pretty Endless ended their gig just so that I got the chance to sneak into Paradiso's big hall and listen to a few songs by:

The Kooks were super! The audience was going crazy to them. I only heard the last two songs but you could sense that the whole gig had been a succée. If I get the chance, they are deffos a band worth checking out live!

My gig outfit consisted of my latest favorite, accidentally perfectly ripped tights! Hha.