Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Champion Sound!

"And maybe one day we'll go to rehab
Or back to Argentina, it's not that far away
Any day now"

Crystal Fighters video shoot
Champion Sound

"Let's hope that someday I play my concertina
To an arena full of people
Or dream my life away
Dreaming of the day"

Jaleh had arranged for us to be extras on the new Crystal Fighters music video.
A phonecall, a day at the 'Farm office trying to measure our hips, heads, feet, butts, and what not with various creative methods...became into excited waiting for the next day to come:
One, two, three - action.

Considering that the alarm clock was ringing at 5am, we were surprisingly awake, energetic and ready for the long day. I can't remember when last I would have needed to wake up before 8.30 or 9.
We attended day 2 of the shoot.

Arriving at the venue early, we helped out with some loading in and settling before it was time for make-up, hair and dressing up.

First make-up was just a twist of lip balm, but throughout the day more and more was added.
The natural look changed to dramatic eyebrows, glitter and roughness.

The venue was an old building. Cold as Iceland, dirty as...dirty, but oh so atmospheric!
I was lucky enough to get to wear long jeans because I had brought my own. Others had to freeze in short skirts, dresses or shorts! Brrrr.

The whole group of extras all ready!

"When you find that love inside of me
Deep within the heart of me
Deep within my, deep within my
Deep within the heart of me"

A long day, a lot of waiting - as is normal for such a production.
We were taken care of ever so well.
Warm coats. Food. Drinks.
Production was made by Saloon Films and the video was directed by Ben Strebel and Lewis Kyle White.
Such a delightful crew working!
Professional, caring, co-operative. Everything went smoothly.

As you can see, we had a looot of time to play modeling school!

Our fabulous, gorgeous and handsome leads!

"I wanna find my girl, love will be amazing
Champion sound"

I guess we weren't quiite ready!
Tender moment.
Crystal Fighters are going to be doing a small tour in December that reaches at least the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. I do suggest to check out!

But why scribble more when I can actually just show you the final product?
Hereby, the today released (ok yesterday as it is past midnight) CHAMPION SOUND by Crystal Fighters.


Personally I think the vid looks amazing. The colors are super, the dreamy vibe and slow motion is calming and the shots..it just all works!
Everybody looks stunning. Especially Mimi with her eye make-up, which I totally fell in love with. Isn't that tree-branch thingy really cool (picture above)?!
And not forgetting that the song is preeetty perfecto, too.
A heart for the lyrics.
"...I wanna find my girl, love will be amazing..."

Let me know how you liked the video!

One experience richer. And one great experience it was.



sorry for the mix of fonts. no matter what, they just won't change into the ones they are here on the editing board!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

L21 and family

Linda 21 years!

On my Birthday I got some more visitors, as my parents came to London.
We went out to eat at Brick Lane. Indian food! Tasty!

We went to a restaurant called Sheba. I had my chicken korma, as usual. I think I had chicken korma three times this week. It's so good! Especially at that restaurant.

Who else isn't a big fan of the moments of awkwardness when the lights go off in the restaurant, everybody is silent, stares at you..and you start to hear movement of someone walking your way after which the whole room of people starts singing happy birthday? Oh my...Such attention feels juuust slightly uncomfortable. But nice. ;-)

I'm craving for that chicken korma at the moment by the way...or the tikka masala.

Spot the sexy leg?
<3 daddy

On Wednesday 19th we
met up with my parents by Big Ben.
Went to Camden.
Bought sliding gloves (!!) from Oddballs, which I haven't yet been able to test out. Hopefully soon!
Had pub fish'n'chips with an old family friend.

And went to see Ghost the musical.
Did I already tell we went to see Legally Blond with Ingar? Well, in my opinion it was nothing compared to my expectations. Probably the worst musical disappointment ever. Boooo.
In my opinion the actors should have been younger - at least from our seats they looked quite old and it felt funny for them to act as college students. Plus the songs weren't too good. Anyway, in general I just think it's not a must see. Wasn't that funny, wasn't that special. Though, opinions vary - the girls sitting behind us probably thought the opposite than us.

After seeing Legally Blond I was truly hoping Ghost wouldn't be as of a bore.
And it wasn't.
Amazing technique, the light effects, visuals, wow wow wow. It was just something I'd never seen before in musicals. Really impressive! The actors were great and sang extremely well. The songs were touchy, the whole atmosphere in the theater was amazing.
At one point we could hear half of the theater crying. I think that was quite impressive. Had to turn my head around to see if it was for real - and it was. The audience was captured into the story and kept hooked till the very end.
I hardly ever go see anything, especially musicals, twice. But now I have a feeling it could be nice to experience Ghost from better seats. It just was pretty damn good!

They are advertising Finland at the tube stations. Like crazy big adverts covering the walls of the tunnels and all. Cool!


ps. last year my bday party was a bit different ;-) check out here.

Autumn Colors

Some pictures for a lovely Autumn day in Greenwich park, London.
One of my favorite parks ever visited. The reason may be, or is, nostalgic. Spent a lot of time there during my childhood.
Cute Bambies, squirrels, big grass areas, people, trees, ponds, nuts, the view...I just love it.

Mr. I was visiting, so I wanted to go show him my childhood...hoods. Went for a picnic in the park. 

The Linda show.

Bitten by Mr. Squirtel. Ouch. 

We also visited my old house from the outside.
Made me miss my childhood. I was probably boring Ingar to death by telling all my childhood memories from the heath, from every single spot in my old garden, from the nearby sweet shops and all haha. But what great times, great memories.

Actually, just a year ago I was visiting my old environment aswell. I guess it's an annual tradition. ;-)
Post from last year here - looks like I've been upto the same things as this year. Walking on the wall, feeding squirrels..

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I just came back home from a walk that gave me some more energy to watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl before I head for bed.
Also drank quite a bit of magic healers...warm berry juice spiced up with ginger, water with msm, carrot+apple juice with barley grass powder - and am currently preparing chaga tea with liquorice root.
I think my body should now be well full of small scale shaman liquids and get better umm now haha.