Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A little bit more of Bangor

On Monday we headed off to Reea's Uni as she had class.
While she was hard-working and studying, I was exploring the mysterious corridors of the Hogwarts -like building.
Read about my previous days in Bangor here. Or shall I say, look at pictures. :-)

Mental! What a building! I'd never visited an Uni that looked like that. Old, stylish old. What a palace.
I loved the colors, loved the materials, just purely loved the looks.
Just walking around the campus area made me feel intelligent.. mmm.

After lunch at Varsity (again, it was just so cheap and tasty!) it was time to navigate back to the train station and head back home to London.

The view from the train was pretty nice! Unfortunately I had a wall next to me instead of a window, so I had to jump around to see outside. All that jumping made me so tired that I slept the end of the journey.

This picture made me confused...


Weekend in Wales

Bangor, Wales

On Friday after a great morning of longboarding (yes, check here if you haven't yet) I went to meet up with my secondary+high school friend, Reea, to catch our train from Euston to Bangor.
Reea being there on exchange, I thought I'd pay a visit.
Thinking of going on exchange or study to Wales? You can read Reea's blog here with all her adventures and see her thoughts about the country.

On Saturday we went to walk around and enjoy the environment and views. The weather was typical for Wales: rain and hard, hard wind. I was lucky I decided to take my puffa jacket with me with warmth more in mind than style. ;-)
Sheep, mountains, nature; trees, water and huge waves, fields, idyllic houses and autumn colors - Wales.

We went for a pancake to the smallest cafe in town. It was on a pier.
The most friendliest owner, an older chap who had been on many business trips to Finland before his retirement. He asked to use my pictures and said he'll make his Christmas card out of one. :-)

We went for a drink to Tap&Spile, a local famous pub.

The cutest lane ever.

On Sunday we went to explore an other part of town, and the town next door; Menai Bridge Town.

Reea thought birds had given the bridge a poop cover but since when have birds been able to poop upwards (from under the bridge), too?

The environment is just amazing! I felt like a hobbit from the Lord Of The Rings as I walked on the rocky hills and forests full of trees.
We visited a cemetery which had a church/shed (I have no idea what it was but it had a church bell and cross on the roof) from 630 A.D. and graves from the 19th century and earlier.

Ok, I get the message but damn - Welsh is one weird language!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

CPP and sliiiiide

Crystal Palace
Slide practice

Yesterday I went out to Crystal Palace Park for a morning + daytime skate.
Jaleh was supposed to join but as normal - she found something more important to do (sleep)...

Have to say it was good fun skating alone. For some reason I have more courage then. Feels good to throw myself and all my energy into the moment and give my all. Maybe I even got a little somewhere with my sliding practice this time. ;-) ...or shall I thank the wet surface. Which did make my shoes super slippery too, though - not cool.

I filmed a bit to see whaaaat on earth I look like when sliding and to see what is done wrong or right.
Feel free to have a laugh and watch the video down below ;-)
And tips are oh so welcome, pleasepleaseplease!


Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday Jaleh and I went to see
Zola Jesus + EMA
@Heaven, a gay friendly nightclub in London.

I bought a last minute ticket from Jaleh's friend who couldn't make it.
Having Zola on my Spotify playlist but not giving more than a background music listen at work a couple of times, I didn't really know what to except. Tbh I didn't really remember at all what her music was like.
Going to gigs is muchos fun anyways, so why not go now, too?


I don't really know what to say. There were HC fans in the audience, didn't include me though.
Not exactly my thing. Not bad either.
Smashed her guitar. Apparently for the first time, and after the show had said she was a bit sorry for doing it. Well, we were scared in the audience as she threw the guitar neck towards us. Didn't impress.
Jaleh talked with her later on and heard that the guitar was cheap.
Anyway, still not impressed.
First thoughts in my mind: 'You are a support act. Why do you waste money in ways like that? Doesn't look cool.'
But she made me talk, made her performance unforgettable - I guess that's important, too.

At least this woman has energy and attitude.
And - I do find her music better listened from my computer speakers than it sounds live. Maybe I'll give more of a listen and see if she could actually work on my playlist.

Listen here.

Spot half of EMA's guitar?

Zola Jesus

If I said EMA had energy, miss Zola must be a bomb waiting to explode.
Boy does she move on stage. And off stage. In the audience.

Music wise... I recognized a few songs but singing along was too much to ask.
Her music isn't exactly my thing either. Again, not bad - not good.
Didn't make me want to hype but didn't make me want to leave the venue either. At times she made me want to sway and lift my feet of the floor but I guess I was waiting for something super crazy to happen. For the climax. The atmosphere and show was kinda getting there as she ran into the audience and shouted 'jump, jump' but the whole situation didn't really kick off and I was left tensed waiting for that final explosion.

Again, music is better from my computer speakers than live. Live her voice was kind of mashed up in the synths and drum beats.

Watch and listen to her song 'Night' here.
Which was actually the best song she performed live. Maybe cos the lyrics were most clear out of all songs? And lyrics play a big role for me. Not only the words but how they blend in with the other instruments.

An interesting new music night. Experiences, experiences - as I like to say.
Also got to know a couple of lovely South-Africans in the audience who introduced me and Jaleh to a new way of enjoying the gig atmosphere and relaxing while waiting for the acts to begin.
I think I'll leave that little secret experience to myself and anyone who joins me to a future gig..


All pictures were taken by either me or Jaleh with Maria's camera, and finalized with a quick color, etc. edit by me. I wasn't allowed in the venue with my Canon 600D. These pictures turned out pretty good though. What do you think? :-)
I did see someone else without a press pass snapping pictures in the audience with a Nikon whateversomething, though! BOO!