Friday, June 29, 2012

susususu-sushi bomb

For the past week I...

- have been enjoying way too much sushi, or wait, is that even possible?
(100,- NOK 16pieces. <3 Norway - the country of affordably sushi, but nothing else.)

- have had quite a few amazing salads with my dear friend, Mira

- have enjoyed jogging outside in the light rain and moist air
- been too little at the gym, but a few times anyway

- have enjoyed the summer sun twice, and the summer rain five times.

- have started to properly add MSM into 'the daily routine' by drinking a glass or two of MSM+water a day at work

- got my eyelashes done at Karl Johan Hudpleie, who have a lovely staff and do a great job by the way
(though I think this was my last time this year with the lashes as I need to give my natural ones some recovery time from this half a year extension period)

- got a new apartment from mid August onwards!

Despite the rain outside, I have more than enough of sunshine, smiles and energy in me to step out and enjoy some quality Norwegian music at the VG-list concert by Aker Brygge along with 100 000 'other teenagers'. Yes, time to free the inner teen in me.

God helg og haadeebraaa!


ps. this week has been nostalgic on my music playlist...oh my. The Donnas, The Veronicas, The Runaways, The Ramones, Liz Phair, Lita Ford, Natalie Imbruglia...oh and Miley Cyrus.
Like my playlist 5 years ago, ha!

Hello daddy, hello mom!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eigth Day - The Cuba Diary

Day Eight: Cayo Blanco!

Continuation to the posts of our Cuba adventure in March.
Read about day 7 here.

March 13. we woke up early for breakfast.
At 8am there was a taxi waiting for us outside our casa particular and the journey to the marina began!

After some waiting our catamaran headed off to seaaaa towards the little paradise island, Cayo Blanco.
We found out that here are many islands called 'Cayo Blanco' in Cuba, but the one we went to was situated outside of Trinidad.

Most of the other travelers were older than us, so they stayed happily sitting inside the catamaran and left the unsafe-looking net all for us. We spent the 1.5hour long catamaran trip sleeping, sunbathing and enjoying the perfect weather.

Need I say anything...

There were crazy many crabs (that looked like crab-snails) crawling around, and a few iguanas, which we bravely stroked.

Time was spent snorkeling, sunbathing, eating and getting to know some German guys and a lady who invited us to go party with them in the evening.
Well, we never heard from them so that plan never came true. Maybe for the best as we were all red and tired from the sun.

When we were eating the weather turned cold and rainy. Good timing as it was time to head back home. Once the rain stopped we hopped onto the net of the catamaran and headed back to the marina of Trinidad.

In the evening we were on our way to the bus station to buy tickets for the morning's bus back to Havana. On our way a guy stopped us and asked if we wanted to go to Havana in his taxi.
How did he guess we were going to Havana?
We got a deal that the guy would take us from door to door for the same price as the bus. Payment due in Havana.
Of course this was way more convenient than first walking to the bus station, taking a cold bus to Havana and then taking a taxi to our hotel.
Taxi - deal.

We headed back to our casa particular for dinner, and spent the whole evening dancing and having a photo shoot with the beautiful Barbara-Lucia, the child of the house we were staying at.
That little kid is so adorable!

Sanni, what do you think about visiting them again in 10 years when she turns 18?;-)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls, girls, girls!

Last weekend I got two chicks for a visit!
Elena and Mira, my secondary school friends.
As I've been away from home for years now, we very rarely get to see each other.
But when we do, it's always as fun. :-)

On Saturday morning I went to pick up the girls from the train station. I biked there in pouring rain and was sooooaking wet, as you may see. But that rain didn't wash away the smile on my face!

This weekend I left my camera at home. The girls were so excited about everything new that their photography speed was about 25pictures a minute.

Saturday evening walk: about 11km. Exploring the West -side of Oslo.

Mira came to Oslo for a 3 week language course, so we went to check out her future apartment and university, enjoyed the sun and ate way too much.
After a little rest we apparently decided that we hadn't walked enough as we went to explore a bit of the Eastern parts of Oslo, as well as the city center.
Ending the day with hot chocolate at Aker Brygge followed by a movie at home. Wanderlust!

Hungry me comes from work, and I have two lovely ladies waiting for me with a bad of salmon in their hands. Luxury dining time: salmon and mashed potatoes!
We had to enjoy the weather as we could, so we headed off for some ice-cream on top of St.Hanshaugen.

On Wednesday it was time to say buh-bye to our Ellu. Cozy dinner in the park and juuuust making it on the airport bus on time.

The result isn't good when you add up three sweet-tooth girls. I'm currently on sugar-rehab!
One suppaduppa weekend yet again.

Next up is midsummers.
My plan: nothing. Or maybe being just a liiittle bit jealous of whoever gets to spend their weekend at our summer cottage. haha!
What are yours?


PS. Finns, 'the Norwegian know their medicine'...