Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Airplanes and parkour

I tried to get some good pics of my hometown for ya'll to see but with no luck.
Or well, did get some - but from a moving car...can't be bothered to put them blurry pictures online.
Maybe I'll have an other go tomorrow before my depart to Jyväskylä, where I actually study.

I used to play airplane all the time with daddy when I was little! Now he says I'm too big and heavy. How come?! Noo!

In the evening I saw the probably most creative, exciting and adventurous friend I have! Lasse!
We went out to do some PARKOUR haha. It was fun. I was scared.
Only found 2 good spots in the whole of Varkaus. But I think it was enough!
In addition to our hard core parkouring we played license plate seeking. For like...2.5hours? Oh gosh, we are truely devoted to that! Too bad I'm way behind Lasse because the license plates of Holland are totally different. Today I gladly found 2, though, so 7/973 is the current situation!  (if I'd only found 974 on time I would already be 7/966...)
HC-Parkour indeed
Okay, finally - SUCCESS! 
I also booked a hostel in Brussels for 1night. Still gotta book another. I'm open for suggestions of hostels, what to do in Brussles, etc!
So, tomorrow Jyväskylä. Can't wait, so many friends to see there!


PS: Oooh, and I found this leather bum bag todayyy for only 3,5e.
Wonder how I'm gonna fit all my winter clothes, which I were supposed to take with me from home to Haarlem, in my suitcase which was already full when I arrived!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Treats, treats, treats

Birthday after-party with family!
Mum had got me a cake with a picture of 5month old Linda on it!
Granny had made her speciality, which I love extremely muchos, cabbage rolls!
I think I'm gonna visit granny's food table again tomorrow.

Was so nice to see my family again. Everyone looked well alive and good.
Grandpa didn't get too shocked about my new hair even though he said he was disappointed I wasn't the same anymore cos he loved the old color and grandma totally loved the new hair and thought it fit me well.
Being such a lazy-ass for the past few days (exercise wise) I decided to join my cousin and aunt to Zumba! Had some of the same songs as at the gym I go to in Haarlem which was funny but the moves were totally different. Have to say I prefer the Haarlem Zumba better. ;-)

Now some TBBT!

PS: For all Finnish -speakers,
here you are, my dad's joke of the week:

Mikä eläin tuo R-vikaiset lapset?
- Hai -kala

plus my mum found my after-shower make-up interesting and insisted on taking an artistic relic of it,
so here you go - the horror itself.

Shortly in Finnish for Granny/Lyhyesti suomeksi mummille ;)

Ei mitään erikoista kerrottavaa, kerta olit osallisena koko päivän tapahtumissa.
Kerroin kuinka maukkaita kaalikääryleesi olivatkaan. Tulen huomenna maistelemaan niitä lisää! Nam. Kerroin myös kuinka ihana oli nähdä teitä jälleen ja kuinka pidit hiusteni väristä - vaikkei pappa ollut niin innoissaan. Muistatko jo, mitä kaksoispisteet ja kirjaimet/sulut tarkoittavat? :) (hymynaamaa, joka voi kuvastaa erilaisia asioita kuten iloa)
Loppuun äiti halusi ottaa muistokuvan ihanista meikeistäni, jotka suihku aiheutti. Sanoi: "Älä laita näitä kuvia blogiisi, mummi saa sydänkohtauksen." Laitoin silti! Tällä kertaa ei ole aivovamma, vaan silmävamma. Huomioithan tämän olevan vitsi. Kaikki on hyvin. Nähdään!
Pusuja, Linda

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Music & Media 2010: Saturday & Sunday-home

...continuation to this.

Saturday - This time the seminars included:
Keynote: Roger Mavity (Conran) (which was absolutely the best seminar of the whole weekend. Mr. Mavity definitely knows how to "do the pitch". What a great speaker! I wanna buy his "Life's a Pitch" -book and certainly suggest everyone else to buy it, too. Ooh, actually no, I don't want competition, so don't buy it. ;))
Digital Playground - The New Dynamics of Music Media  (was totally one of the worst seminars of the weekend. After listening to 30min of what is whose fave magazine and why, I just left. Couldn't be bothered. I wonder if they actually got any other debate than why one panelist doesn't like print media as much as the Internet...etc.)
Artist Panel: Reality Check 2010: What is expected from an artist and what does an artist expect? (With Sami Yaffa, Mikko Von Hertzen, Olli Korpela, Mariska and Jay. Was interesting to see how different artists expect different things and what they think about money!)
Celebrity Interview: Risto Juvonen

During the day I bumped into Jaakko at Ruohonjuuri (Bought and tasted this new coco-water thing which I forgot to take a picture of. Wasn't as tasty as I expected.)! And then...JP came hoooome! We went to eat at a really good restaurant which had all kinda Nepalese and Chinese food. to gigs again. Before I went to see the gigs I also saw a friend of JP's and the lovelylovelylovely sisters Milja and Taru along with AnniinaAnsku.
I went to see my classmates', Jonas' and Lauri's, band New Deadline play.
At Klubi I saw:
Von Hertzen Brothers
Michael Monroe
The Blanko
Biffy Clyro
Sweatmaster would have been the last act but I was way too tired to stay.
New Deadline
Mr. Monroe had quite an energetic and interesting gig. Really liked it and got a few good pics from a distance, too.
Biffy Clyro!

Off home. Ah, mum, dad, own bed, own room, super much more choices of what to wear - clothes!
As McDo would say: I'm Lovin' It.

Except for the weather. Check this out, damn, SNOW!


Music & Media 2010 -Tampere

Wednesday - too lazy and tired to go see any gigs. There would have been:
Mars Underground
The Remins
Oceansize (UK)
Vessels (UK)

To be honest, I had never heard of any of those bands before!

Thursday - I went to have lunch with Peksi after which the conference started, yay! I went to various seminars which I didn't think were too good. No topics that really interested me. As Thursday was the kick-off day there weren't even that many people at the conference yet. Anyhow, the topics of the day (that I saw):
Presentation of SOA's industry research results
VAT to selling concerts - yes or no, and how many percent?
OMVF ry present: The Finnish musicvideo archive

After the lectures Puto (Mikko), Anne, Pietu and me went to hang out at Omenahotelli where Katrin, Ingrid, Matleena and Tina were staying at. From there Katrin, Inkkis and me went to see Einstürzende Neubauten who was performing again. The gig was super crazy and cool. It was the bands 30th anniversary concert. They use well interesting instruments haha!

After the gig we went to the Ilves hotel where the conference was held and there was a showcase at the hotel's club. The performers were Saurus, Maskinen (SWE) and Adam Tensta (SWE). Maskinen had an energetic show which I think was best out of all three. Unfortunately there were just a few people in the venue and the club is just the most horrible place to have a gig at because of the floorplan! But yay, Roosa came, too! And Jonas&Lauri!
Enjoying. Yes. No?
Adam Tensta
Friday - more seminars. The day was absolutely sooo much better than Thursday. 4 times more people, 10 times more interesting seminars. Too many interesting seminars and all at the same time, booo! I went to listen to (some for just a while since they were overlapping eachother):
Little Parliament: Who, what, how and why? with Nina Castren, Virpi Immonen, Wemppa Koivumäki and Karri Paleface Miettinen
Meet The New Boss: Lauri Kivinen, YLE (just sat there for 15min, wasn't that appealing to me)
Nordic Co-operation - Face the Challenges and Explore the Benefits of Crossing Borders (Which I really liked. Gave me ideas but also I found it weird how come it seems so tough to co-operate within a Nordic range and how come some thoughts haven't been implemented earlier)
Keynote: Jonathan Forster (Spotify) (as a huge "Jonathan from Spotify" -fan, this was just pure pleasure to be able to meet the man behind the voice haha! but - lets hope for the best in Spotify's future!)
Bands and Brands Creative Session - New Marketing Ideas and How to Make Them Work
The New Roles of music publishers
Celebrity Interview: Barry Dickins (ITB)

Puto, I'm sure you respect this picture <3
Gosh it's cold here!

After a long day of great seminars it was time for...eating at Amarillo and music again! Off we went with Puto to Pakkahuone&Klubi to see Kap Kap, Magenta Skycode, Iiris (EST), LCMDF, The Capital Beat, Uusi Fantasia, K-X-P, Jätkäjätkät and Villa Nah. At the gig I also saw some friends I got to know last summer at the Yyteri Beach Football -event, which was nice!
Magenta Skycode
The lovely Inkkis <3
Puto and Pietu had fun. Again. be continued.