Monday, December 26, 2011

look at that, just a nearly 30degrees difference to last year.

Set 1 of my Christmas time photos.

This Christmas was very enjoyable. Well spent with family and friends.
Been away from home already nearly four years now. Times change, places change, people change.
Amazing how Christmas time brings everyone back together again.

My Christmas 2011:
Made raw chocolate with hardly any success. (it's the thought that counts, right?)
Ate well. Nearly had the courage to sit on Santa's lap. Received a few gifts - Santa really does love to give, doesn't he. (this year he had taken the price tags off ;)
Had a really loving laugh with relatives as grandpa told his legendary squirrel story without teeth.
For once attended the midnight Christmas church with friends.
Enjoyed the little snow we got, but mostly the global warming (gosh +7 degrees, seriously?).
Found number 12 in the car register plate game.
Won 1€ in a scratch. Bought at least 5.
And finally completed a promise I made during Christmas 2007, and it feels so, so good.

Also, I saw friends I hadn't seen in two years or more. And I saw many. All gathered up in the local club last night for the traditional dance of December 25th. Though I feel bars and Christmas don't really go hand in hand, I'm happy that I made an exception this year.
My quick pop by at 11pm lasted till 3am. Quick indeed.

The snow has melted now, it is still very warm and the storm we had has settled. If this weather is to continue, I expect mushrooms in no time. Only last year we were fighting the cold and trying to cope with the snow, having our fingers crossed that the flights would get us home for Christmas. One year and a 30degree difference. Insane.

I guess I have to dig out my bikini for New Years as the Onepiece will be a melter in the +12C London weather.

How was your Christmas 2011? Hope you enjoyed it as much as me!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

All I know is...

...that iremembertapes. have treated you with a Christmas present. They just released a new single along with a music video. The song is from their album to come 'Human Architecture'

You might have heard the song earlier in various remixes or in these longboard videos here and here. (thank you for the views and all received feedback!)

But now...
iremembertapes. and 'All I Know'

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Me and my Onepiece family send the greatest Christmas greetings! (Daddy obviously being ahead in the trend as he got his Hygge for last Xmas. Mummy got her Onepiece this Xmas, and I got mine a week ago. ;)

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas 2011 to You!

Thank you for reading me, sending me lovely e-mails and comments, and for following and supporting me on my journey wherever I've gone. This year has yet again been extremely exciting as well as amazing, and I can't wait to see what next year brings along. So many plans, so many ideas, so many places and so many people. I'm so stoked!

By the way, one thing is certain:
Next year (summer) I will have many boards by my side. Longboards that is.
Now all I need is to find the perfect board/s... so hit me up with suggestions, please!
Criteria: needed for downhill and sliding.

Once again
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for year 2011. Lets bring it on - 2012!

Remember to enjoy life now, as you can.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Back to blonde

On Wednesday I received my first Xmas gift. (lie, second as Jhahura surprised me with the lovelies and warmest scarf already in London)
My second gift was tadaaaa: a time for the hairdressers. Somehow Santa had realized my hair needed a cut and maybe something else, too.

After 2,5 hours of coloring and cutting the end result is what is seen above. Picture left or right - you decide.
Not much difference, just the color...that had grown out already half way. And maybe a few centimeters cut, just like asked. For the first time a hairdresser understood what I wanted by saying 'just cut the 'havetotake' bad ends off - keep the hair long'.
And we only colored the root. Adding a bit of darker colors in between but to be honest, I can't notice it. I haven't really even had the time to stop and look at it.
But by looking at the pictures above: I think it'll take its' time again before I like the new hair. The old one doesn't look as bad as the hairdresser liked to think. :-)

I also got asked: "So how many kids was it that you have? Or did you already have kids?"
Gosh, what kind of rumors have been running around town as I've been away. No, no I don't have kids.
Do I look old and responsible enough to have some? Ehh. Lets slow it down a bit.

What do you think about the hair?
A success, horror or something in between? I'd go for a 7 out of 10.

Jere, 8 years, took some pictures of today's outfit.
'Linda, damn this camera is heavy. I'm getting tired!'
I guess I was too demanding? ;-)

Now continuation of Xmas preparation. I'm not anywhere near ready!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bring it on Xmas 2011 - I'm home!

Two flights. Crazy turbulence.
For once when I flew from Heathrow I didn't get there on time to explore the airport. (surprise surprise)

Put my Finnish sim card in the phone and to my delight noticed many sms' and voicemail. The law of attraction has been with me yet again as contacts had been made by the people I hadn't heard from in long but had thought of them on the plane. How crazy is that!

Granny and mummy picking me up at Varkaus airport.
No snow. Warm weather +0. Everything looking so different compared to last Xmas.
I drove back home. With my ex car. I love driving! Felt so good to drive again. Last time was in August. I still remembered how. ;-)

Got home where more cuddles than expected were welcoming and waiting. Lots of happy faces. Joy joy joy!
I had requested to eat my favorite childhood food which I've been craving for the last month: potatoes and salmon. Mashed together with lots of butter! YUM!
First xmas gift waiting on my bed. Had to open it already as it's a reservation for tomorrow.

Now time to sleep. So many plans for the week to come. I thought I came home to rest. ;-)

By the way; have you ever flown so that you are sitting back towards the traveling direction? In the plane from Helsinki to Varkaus my seat was like that! Like a bus! So weird.

For the first time in long I am actually in the proper Christmas mood and can't wait to put on my Onepiece and red Christmas hat and just enjoy life accompanied by family, amazing food, pleasant weather, books and peace. Bring it on - Xmas 2011!


ps. mummy, you rule!
pps. daddy, you too!
ppps. granny and grandpa, you rock!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Years countdown 12
Getting the best visitors countdown 9
Christmas countdown 5
Hairdresser countdown 3
Going home and seeing family countdown 2

The timing must be perfect to catch a cold.
I'm totally blaming my feather blanket that makes my nose tickle and breath wheeze. Maybe it's also not the wisest thing to have my bed next to a wall that breathes cold air from outside. Our London house with thin walls isn't exactly the warmest either. I'm frozen up to my bones.

I'm curing myself with tea I got from my loveliest Christmas calendar ever, and a very pineapple based supersmoothie (incl. msm, barley grass, manuka honey, maca and ginger).

I'm running out of spirulina tablets (two left), so Luonnon Helma Varkaus - I'm coming by. I heard my mummy has already gone by to get my favorite: coconut water.

Today Sammy also joined me back home. She has been guarding our office for the past months but it was about time for a change of environment.

I need to buy new candles. Vanilla ones. They smell so nice.
Which made me remember housemates (men) buy toiletpaper with a scent. I think it is something flowery. Hahahah so funny. So cool.

Yesterday I ordered so much Indian food that I'll have enough of it until I go home. Yum. The delivery man walked to my door. Have you ever received home delivery by foot? Super cool, I say.

That's all.
I can't wait to go home. I just can't wait.
Maybe I'll just be offline all time - get a proper rest.
Remember those times when you had to actually walk to your friends house (or call a landline) to meet up with someone? With of course the possibility of one not being at home or being unavailable.
I miss that. That if something is cool! People should do that more often. I should do that more often.

I think I'm beginning to like Christmas. I blame the granny-Linda I've become!

Anyway, hugs - I'll save the Christmas greetings for later (depending on how offline I plan to be)

Friday, December 16, 2011

My New Years Outfit

Remember what I got my dad for Christmas last year? Refresh your memory here.

Onepiece has their London office in the same business complex where my work is.
Today they have a special sale lasting till 4pm for the ppl working at the complex + for friends and family, and wherever the word spreads.

As my friends from Norway are coming to London for New Years, I thought it would be lovely to make them feel like home and have something to remind them of their country. Onepiece is originally from Norway you seee!
The guys are planning to wear suits on NYE and I think I just got myself an outfit, too! I hope they'll be as excited of my SUIT as I am.

What I got is the 'OnePiece Hanna', which can be found here. It's a slim fit, so not as baggy as the normal ones.
This might just be the most cosy day at work ever. Chill.
Thank you Onepiece for making my life a bit easier: no need to think of what to wear anymore.


PS: And yes, Onepiece and Hyggepiece are a different company.
PPS: Earlier at the sale we heard about Justin Bieber being spotted walking around in Nottingham wearing a Onepiece. Sales had bursted. No, don't get me wrong - that's not why I have one! ;-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Melanie C @Scala, London

Friday 9th December
was a huuuge day for me, a former and current Spice Girls fan.

It was not that long ago that I was performing in our London living room with a t-shirt on my head as if it was long hair, singing my favorite Spice Girls tune 'Mama' and being recorded by dad just to be able to enjoy the pleasant performance still today. Neither was it long ago that I was listening to a cassette with more of the first Spice Girls hits such as 'Wannabe' and '2 Become 1'. Of course singing along with my own lyrics such as:
"if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, makin' love forever, friendship never ends"
...lord knows where I got those lyrics from.

Not long ago was I collecting SG stickers and photos to compile an album of, and getting sad of opening a pack of pictures and receiving the same picture of the girl group again and again and never getting the one I was missing.

And do you remember the Spice Girls lollies that had a bubblegum inside of them that got so hard and tasteless within two minutes? YEAHH!

What else...oh, the flat high shoes, the polaroid cameras, and all the other cool stuff I oh-so-wanted.
Oh and Barbies!
Thank you second hand - I got an Emma Barbie at some point. That was ehh, ace!

The Spice Girls phenomena was a phase in my life I remember more clearly than my 18th birthday, or 19th. And no, that has nothing to do with intoxication in any way. Maybe I should think of a better example?
I can't be bothered - I'm guessing you got my point, anyway.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go see my all time favorite band, The Spice Girls, play but never have.

Why is it my all time favorite band? Because they played such a big role in my childhood, and not only mine. Millions of kids loved them, millions of parents were effected. Millions of grandparents. Millions, millions. They were huge. They were pop.

Finally my dream came somewhat true.
1/5 CHECK!
Though it is not the same as seeing a Spice Girls show, it is seeing one of the five perform. That's a good enough start, and ending if so shall be. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a new tour in the future...

This post is more about my hype towards the Spice Girls than it is towards Melanie C's solo career.
To be honest, after Geri left the group - the Spice Girls world started it's downfall in my life.
None of their solo careers had a huge impact anymore, though I did listen to Geri and Emma, and a bit of Mel C, too.

So, the reason why I went to Melanie's gig wasn't because of her music. I have no love for 'I Turn To You' or 'Northern Star', though the atmosphere at the gig was amazing as the still sporty and fit woman performed her hits.
I went to the gig to experience a bit of Spice, and I got what I went for.

Not just any kind of encore! Do you recognize who we got the pleasure of listening to, too?
I could have expected Bryan Adams but Brian May?
We will rock you!

It's funny, funny what I felt that night. How can someone have such a huge meaning to you, someone you basically do not know at all? So puzzling to think that a stranger actually reminds you of so many experiences, feelings, days months and years or your life, and makes you adore this person to bits. A stranger who you think you know, but only know in the way the media and the entertainment industry have presented her.

But yes, happy happy joy joy.
I wasn't the only one to still be hyped about this lady. Not at all.
The +18 gig was full or people expressing their love towards Melanie, throwing flowers on stage and having signs - just like in the 90's when they were 15 years younger.

Girl power!
Over and out.


ps. btw, if you didn't know - Melanie C just released a new album this year. it's called 'The Sea'.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anonymous asked: How come nobody else asks you questions?

Maybe nobody needs to/has anything in mind, as you are doing the job. I'm curious of what question you have in line next. ;-)

CPP skate session


This time I remembered my camera battery and memory card.
Great session once again at Crystal Palace Park!

Lovely people, lovely boards, lovely weather, lovely slides, lovely skate.

With the help of Maru and Tiago I even learned a bit of toesliding!


I've got some pictures for you to:


...and a video too!

Music 'First Light' by iremembertapes.


Friday, December 9, 2011

WIN a Mel C ticket

Picture from here

Jaleh and I just received a spare ticket to Mel C's gig and would like to give YOU the opportunity of getting it. 
We know it's a tight schedule, as the doors open already...soon! But better this than letting the ticket go to waste, right?:-)

in London, tonight
@Scala / doors 6.30pm

All you need to do is drop a comment and we'll do a random pick at 5.15pm!

See you and have a lovely weekend all!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who needs jägerbombs when you have CSS hot bombs?

Sooo, this week has been kind of mental.

Starting off with little troubles of getting back to London continuing to sweet Swedish melodies of I Break Horses, and going on to the 'tired of being sexy' life: CSS.
Yes, CSS is short for Cansei de Ser Sexy which means 'I'm tired of being sexy'-

Two very different kind of gigs, and to pack it all up for the week - tomorrow it's time for something even more different as I go check out what former Spice Girl, Mel C, has to give to her audience.

But back to the essential: CSS !!

Warm up act: Yadi. 

The crowd going MENTAL as CSS step on the stage! 

Needless to say that the gig was total ah-mazingness? Awesome with a bigbigbig A. 
Singer Luísa 'Lovefoxxx' steps on stage with brown curly hair, all the band dressed up PUNK n ROCK.
I think to myself 'what the heck is going on?'

The last time I saw this band perform by pure accident. Supporting Gwen Stefani in Finland 2007. Dressed up in colors. Oh so bright, oh so many colors. That's how I remembered them.
I can't say that my presence at this CSS gig was truly intentioned, either.

The story follows...
One day at work misses Jaleh decides to attend a competition where to win 2 tickets to the CSS gig. Without telling me about her plans she enters. A moment later I see a notification on Facebook pop up. Well, well, what do we have here - a tag. Miss Jaleh has entered the competition by stating she should win tickets for her and me as my music taste needs to be improved upon.
...and so she wins the tickets, though I could say I have other thoughts about the argument she gave.

...and the 7th of December comes. Time to go to the gig.
My energy level dropping to zero: lack of sleep, my body really wanting me to go home and sleep after work.
But. I hadn't stepped on my board for the whole weekend, so I saw the light as I got the idea of longboarding to the gig. And so I did.

'From all the drugs the one I like more is music,
From all the junks the one I need more is music,
From all the boys the one I take home is music,
From all the ladies the one I kiss is music'

The girls, and guys, rocked the stage.
What could we see?
Limbo, crowdsurfing twice, mental moves, ginger spice (drummer dressed in a Britain's flag tee), jumping, microphone swings, tattoos, undressing, wipping wigs and energy just flow, flow, flow.
What could we hear?
All the best. The hit and hot songs, songs that just make you want to break free, energy again and the voices of true entertainers. What jokers!

'Who needs to wake up early tomorrow? ... You guys are winners! Not the sausage! As in winners winners, not wieners!'

Next time the band hits the same city as me I can be found from the front of the stage, middle centered, dancing with moves as funky as Lovefoxxx's, jumping around forming a friendly pit and crowdsurfing with my longboard. Lovefoxxx, will you join?

As the gig was about to reach the end we amongst the rest of the audience were cheering away. Clapping, lifting our hands up, whistling and shouting. As if that was enough.
'Where's your longboard? Life it up!!!'
And so we are noticed.

The venue, Heaven, empties and me and Jaleh stay dancing to the music and decide to go down see if anyone from the band was there. And yes there was. Luiza comes to us hugging and asking to join backstage. Of course we join and go thank all the girls and guys for an amazing show, an amazing night.
We find out their bassist is Swedish - obviously I get excited and spend a long moment chatting with him and his friend in Swedish. (yes, I love the language)
We find out the band's tour manager and drummer are also into longboarding + skating and had mr. tour manager had board with him - obviously Jaleh and I get excited and spend a long moment with them talking with them about this and that.

Backstage full of friendly, friendly, lovely girls and guys.

And before hitting it back home, Jaleh and I snap a few shots on the stage. Haven't longboarded on one before! ;-)

A heavenly experience?
Though seeing CSS before, it didn't really kick in at the time. I guess I was too excited for Gwen's show!
Now all I can do is thank Jaleh, or should I say myself and my 'bad music taste' ;), for this experience. Probably not hard to guess who I've been listening to all day at work? And no, Mel C is wrong. 

The girls put on a crazy live show that I recommend ANYONE to go see. No matter what kind of music you are into, what age you are - it's made for you. Energy. Energybombs. CSS bombs.

Pictures from Jaleh Ashtiani, edits by me
except for the 1st picture + crowd surfing ones

PS: Click here for one more photo.

Some sweet winter beats of I BREAK HORSES

On Monday I went to see the Swedish indie band
I Break Horses @Cargo, London

I fell for the band the first time I listened to it on Spotify.
The band had just come up as a suggestion on Spotify's main page and for some reason it seemed interesting. Funny though, as I'm not the biggest fan of horses...or maybe that's exactly the reason why?

Getting a ticket to the gig was harder than expected. The websites that sold the tickets all required an English bank account. And do I have one? No.
With having no idea of what the band's fanbase in England is, I didn't want to just rely on the possibility of there being tickets sold at the door. I contacted the Bella Union to ask if I could somehow purchase a ticket some other way. Arrangements were done, all was great and I was super super happy!

Electronic warm-up by Seams

Unfortunately my picture amount and quality from this gig is far too poor than wanted.
But that's not the main point, now, is it!

Anyway, I got to Cargo well on time. The gig was sold out, just like I imagined it would be.
But what what what...
To my surprise I had been put on the guestlist, which I can't thank the Bella Union and Simon Raymond enough for. I've heard so many nice words about the company and about the man himself, and I couldn't agree more. The company definitely knows what is important in the music business right now. How to make those fan engagements and work for the band's benefit.
This experience was just far, far too kind and the sweetest cherry on top. Thank you.

I Break Horses.
The music. Sounds. Style. Modest, shy performance. Small things, ever so small things that made the atmosphere in the room magical and a world of it's own. You could just see and feel the audience love and love the band more. And the singer's red cape.
Surprisingly the room was full of men (guessing) +28 and +50. I felt like the only one my age, or even close to it by 5 years.

I Break Horses gives me the same vibes as Explosions In The Sky does. (read my EITS post here) Magical, purely magical. Dreamy, calming and positively melancholic if such can be said. Relaxing, but sometimes just makes me want to run. Yes, I've listened to both bands while jogging.

A big yes for this band. A large one. With a smile. The biggest one.

As the band tours more, I'm predicting their performance will change and become a bit more lively. The shyness will little by little fade. I'm guessing, hoping and fairly sure it won't turn crazy lively, as that's not what their music is like or needs.
The band is beautiful. Swedish music at its best - yet again.

Close your eyes, listen to this, relax and enjoy.