Friday, December 24, 2010

MerryHappy and the hyggepiece

Hyvää Joulua!

Did Santa visit you, too?
He did visit us and brought dad a HYGGE! As you can see, mum also got pretty excited about it.
I ordered it from A huge hit in the snowboarding scene atm, I've heard haha.
Be the first of your friends and go get your own Hygge here now! It's well warm at least in these -30 temperatures of Finland.;-)

My friend, Lasse-Santa, brought me this:
Now I'm off to practice some magic so I can irritate Annaïs with my cool tricks 'cos she's been doing that to me with her card tricks! (it took me like 10min to find the secret pocket of that hat..we'll see how long it takes to find the magician in me)

Enjoy the best Christmas 2010!



  1. TAIKALIPPIS jossa salalokero?? ei hitto mullekki tuommonen!
    odotan innolla sun taikashowta :-)