Thursday, December 23, 2010

Live to Linda

I've been getting questions about the name of my blog - where does it come from and what does it mean?

Live = in this case means not the verb "to live" but the adjective "live"
You know how e.g. in the news they say "And now live to our reporter Alice in New York"?
Yeah, well that's what livetolinda means "And now live to Linda"

The idea just came to my mind since I'm on exchange, and this blog is a way for you all to concretely see what I'm experiencing and maybe experience with me and be a part of my journey via imagination or for real.
Hope you got the idea of "Live to Linda" now. ;-)

Now a peek to our Xmas (food)

PS: A big Thank You to llaura for listing my blog as one of her top10+3 favorites out of her "link your blog" -post. You can check out Laura's lovely blog out here. She is probably one of my fave collage makers!

Here a Finnish artist, Jenni Vartiainen. My mum loves this song.

Oooh and I can't wait for tomorrow since I bought the coolest gift for my dad and I can't wait to see him open it haha! A little hint: it's a growing hit in the Finn' youth's, mostly snowboarding, scene I would say. It definitely is a gift he would never think of getting. Hope he likes it. ;-) I'll show you later.

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