Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Music and friends

After Ellu left me, I had a couple of days time to clean my room again and welcome a new guest.
Inkku came for his last LDN visit!

The very same day, after work, we headed off to Maria's place to have a little bye bye gathering for Jaleh who was leaving the next day.
Jaleh has stalked me for the past years, first moving close to me in our student city Jyväskylä, then going on exchange to the same country as me and getting an internship at the same company as me. And no, I haven't stalked her, it has definitely been the other way around! Hha.
Now our roads departed, as our future destinations are different.
3.5years of laughs together changes into online communication. Ah well, I know for sure she will come visit me, and maybe I'll pay a visit to Jyväskylä aswell. ;-) ...on Monday already.
Read more about our goodbye party for Jaleh 'Happy Apple' from her blog here.

I must say my memory is struggling to combine places and times together. If I remember right, though, our Wednesday was spent with arranging some stuff at the police station, as well as doing a little shopping. Followed by a lovely cafe chat moment at Nero Covent Garden was one of the day's highlights. We got invited to one of my ex-colleagues gigs on Brick Lane, so we headed off there for the evening. 

The night's line-up was:
The Mock Deers
Shacklewell Row
Platform Location
Light Parades

We were just on time to see my colleague, Ben's, band play:
Platform Location. Find them online here.

We also stayed to listen to Light Parades.
It was the band's single release for 'Sparkle'. They also played the music video on the background as they ended their gig, and the whole night, with the single.

The band got a big cheer and many, also at least 2 ppl out of our gang, went to buy CD's.
I superly enjoy the video for 'Sparkle'. Check it out:

From the gig we headed back home. Went to enjoy the amazing view from just 2sec away from my house. Yes, the view I've hyped about many times. Yes, the view I oh so badly miss already. Yes, the one part where you can view and love the city of London in pure peace.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And I'm home again

(new training clothes. ;-) and oh my how much to unpack...)


After traveling for 18hours I finally got back home. To my family. To my own bed.
Sunny +16°C London changed into -7°C Varkaus. For some reason the minus degrees don't feel bad. I am finding myself wearing the same amount of clothes as in London. Hmm.

I got lucky at the airport. Me and my luggage, 120kg in total, were struggling of overweight.
A little cry at the bag drop helped and no extra fees had to be paid. Thank you lovely lady at the Norwegian Airlines desk.
I guess she saw my stress, frustration and tiredness and just felt it was better to let me go. Having already sent two bags away from London earlier, I was nearly loosing hope of how to get my stuff back to Finland.

Usually the Norwegian flights I've been on have had WiFi. This time no. My 'work on board' -plan changed into catching up with some sleep. Already slept for an hour on the airport benches, and continued with three more on the plane. Oh, I must have looked like a bum occupying a whole line of seats at the airport. Dead tired, dead tired.

Reached Finland. Got my luggage.
Longboard sticking out and made a new hole in the bag. Still haven't checked if the board is ok. Fingers crossed. Which reminds me - one of my missions for tomorrow is to find a big enough bag to fit my boards into it. Suggestions?
Other bag, suitcase actually, was smashed from one corner. What on earth have they been upto? Playing 'catch' with my bags or what?

Know the feeling when you arrive to a country and suffer from a total brain freeze? What country, what language, what what what? My moment exactly when ordering a chicken baguette from the airport cafe. Mumble, mumble.

Finally getting a bus to Varkaus at 1.20am and then a cab to take me to my home door.
6.30am and not tired at all.

After finally getting some sleep, I started my day with eating mummy's ahhh so perfect cooked salmon and veggies. Followed by all kinds of arrangements at banks. Visiting grandma's food table. Napping with granny and my cousin on my grandparents soft motorbeds. Solarium, body balance and gym.
Why solarium? Need to get my skin ready for the +30°C the weather forecast is promising. I'm off for a research trip to somewhere warm. If I say rum and cigars - what's your guess? ;-)

Gotta get this blogging rhythm on again.
I have so much to tell about the past, present and future.
Leaving London might have made me shred a tear or two but I am happy.
Life and Linda are co-operating, things are great and cool, grool.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hi. This blog post is about Ellu and me eating.

The day after this looked and was just like the pictures above.
After getting home around 5.30am the previous night it wasn't exactly a rise and shine kind of feeling we had in the morning when we had to wake up to go make a delivery to a friend at the Finnish Seamen's Church.
I wonder what they were thinking at the Church as I entered in my Onepiece and Ellu in my baggy wolly pants, both looking not so fresh. Just to make it clear - the Finnish Seamen's Church is not exactly a church church even though it has church facilities. It's more like a gathering place for the Finns. Though being a seamen's church I think the seamen don't really use it that much these days anymore. Was different in the 90s.

After a nap we decided it was time to get active again.
Thought of going to Notting Hill but it felt a bit too late as it was nearly 4pm as we finally got on the move.

So we head off to tha citiii.

Starbucks for Ellu so that the day could really begin.

And some sushi at my favorite Itsu on Regent Street. Again with the same lovely staff as hyped about in this post. This time we got free miso soup with all sushi boxes we purchased. YUM!

All happy with full tummies it was good to go and watch a comedy show. They had a stand up comedy night at the casino we went to on Ellu's first night in London. Tickets £10 and 3 comedians.
Wasn't that funny but it was OK. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to buy tickets to the show just because 'the boy handing out flyers was just aww sooo cute'. Most lines were written beforehand and hardly any mocking of the audience was done. Lame. Mocking the audience is the best!

The comedy show only took a couple of hours but guess what...of course we were hungry again after it.
Tried to find some nice place to eat and we ended up going to an American diner near Carnaby Street.
We couldn't really finish our meals. They were so big. Or maybe it was due to the fact that we only ate a few hours before? I should understand that hunger and craving are not the same things. ;-)


Ellu's last day in London.
We headed off to Greenwich. The DLR wasn't working so it took us longer than expected, as we could have just also taken a bus from outside my house.

I guess this blog could easily just turn into Ellu&Linda's eating diary as all I have to write or post pictures about is us...eating.
In Greenwich we walked around for a bit. Checking out the market, checking out some cafes, etc.
Decided to go to some half organic cafe where you can paint ceramic pots and all as you eat. Well, we concentrated on just the eating part.
Would you believe if I said we actually headed off to an OTHER cafe after the ceramic one? Yeah, we did. First cafe food, second cafe tea and cake - understandable, right!

It was time to go home, pick up stuff and walk to London Bridge. Of course doing the first and last touristy thing - picture by Tower Bridge.
I'm going to miss the view of TB. Just 2sec away from my house I can sit by the Thames and adore the calmness of London by night. I wish I could share the feeling with all of you but it is something you'll have to experience yourself. Last night I introduced my intern friend, Beth, to my fav spot and she was also blown away.
I'll guide you there, too, if you fancy. :-)
It's my favorite London spot now. (right after the spot in my old house in the corner of the fireplace where i used to hide money. yes, actually that is my favorite spot.)

After dropping Ellu off at the train station I headed off to Victoria. By foot! I love walking.
A uni friend and at the same time exchange friend, Jonas, was visiting London with his brother and friend so I went to high five them and join for what else than food.
On the way I saw that crazy thing in the picture above! In front there was a DJ playing chart hits and 'on board' there were girls drinking beer and pedaling like they were riding a bike. Coolbeans!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spoon ring from a man in Rome. Other one from Forever21.

Lately I've been very much busy busy arranging the present, past and the future.
Have also had some wonderful people around me and a few more lovelies to come!
Seeing my friends and family gives me energy. They give me energy. :-)

I've spent time packing my two suitcases which are now as full as they can get.
Even though I've been using this method and really trying my best to do a good job, I still have some clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sunglasses, etc. and Sammy (!!) unpacked. Probably in total that means one more suitcase.
+ I already sent one of my bags to their next destination.
I only came here with 2 - how come I leave with double?
I didn't even go shopping that much.
 Putting the blame on the size of winter jackets and boots.

Yesterday we went to the Mayflower pub quiz with Matleena and Beth from work. We were third last but had loads of fun! Our knowledge of random capital city questions apparently was not at its best. But then again the music round... 20/20 points.
The quiz host got our 'The Farm Girls' -team name a bit wrong. Yes we work at the Animal Farm with 'little pigs and piglets'.
The Animal Farm music company. ;-)

I've still got posts coming up from when Ellu was here and also Ingar came to visit for nearly a week!
Time is ticking and there's still so much to do. Arrangements, arrangements.

This is my 3rd last day at the Farm.
This is my 6th last day in London.

On Friday it is time for Critical Mass. Finally I have the chance to go again. Hope to see you there too!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Athletes In Paris @Kensington Roof Gardens

Athletes In Paris @Kensington Roof Gardens, London

After a day of hard core shopping and running on a tight + late schedule the wife couple ElluLinda finally got on the move.

As we knew we were heading off to a fancypancy members only club we decided to take an early start.
Thinking nobody would notice our special bottleneck gloves.

Ellu's words: 'Nyt lähtee lapasesta.' = A Finnish saying meaning that the situation will get out of hand. Literally translated: Now it will go out of the mitten.

Ellu forgot her iPhone on the tube. (thankfully some friendly French tourists called out for us and Ellu got it back)
Ellu had topping up problems with her Oyster card.
We were running 2hours late to get to the gig. Surprise, surprise.
We couldn't find the club.

Thankfully we were guided to the gardens by a polite and posh Kensington male.
One fine area Kensington is. And oh my how golly lovely and HUGE the Whole Foods there is.
We finally got to the venue and happily were there right on time to see Rosie Vanier and later our great Athletes In Paris.

Very much liked Rosie's hair deco!
I have to say my concentration on her performance wasn't exactly 100% as I was chatting away with co-workers and Ellu.
But after the gig I did go back to check what I'd more or less experienced but missed. And she's not that bad!
Rosie Vanier online here.

And then it was time for Athletes In Paris! The last act of the night.
Find the Athletes online here.

Most of my onethousandtwohundredandfiftytree pictures were of Matt, the singer, as the stage lights were pretty perfectly on him. Hardly any light in the back. As usual.

The gig kicked off with an acoustic version of the band's new single 'Echoes Louder Than Voices' which they played off stage. Later played again on stage.
We got to hear all our favorites like 'No Bridge, No Crossing Allowed', 'Heartbeat' and 'Borrowed Time'.

You can check out some shaky video I took from here:

What do you think about the newest single 'Echoes Louder Than Voices'?

After the gig we continued with a drink at the more clubbish side of the venue.
Continued by checking out a bar nearby the Roof Gardens with a few of the band members as the other half of the band stayed to pack up. We did offer to stay and help! Roadies.

Ellu found her new love, a full length fur jacket. Unfortunately the jacket owner wasn't too fond of Ellu's attempt to take it with her.

Unfortunately the Athletes had to head off home to return their van in good time. Pity they couldn't stay for a good night out with us!

We decided to go back into the the club as we had free access.
A great night. Many new 'friends'.
Greetings to the guy from Dubai who taught us a lesson of his country's manners:
'In Dubai we don't care about money. We care about friends. Have a lovely evening ladies. Let me know if there are any problems or if you would like more drinks.'
I guess it was true as he didn't really care about the thousand pound stack of money he was going through in his hands.
Greetings to Mr. South Africa.
Greetings to all the people we found pictures of in my camera.
Greetings to the person who was taking all those random pictures.
Greetings to the VIP area of the club.
Greetings to the toilets and thank you for very good toilet roll. We enjoyed it so much that we took a couple with us back home. (common' it was so soft!!)
Greetings to the girls who were drinking black sambuca.

And last but not least: greetings to whoever decided to spill red wine on my cream leather jacket.
FYI thankfully I rushed to the toilet and got it all off. Looks brand. Phew.

All in all a night out with Ellu never lets me down.

Bus, McDo :(, bus 2, home, safe, sleep.