Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warsaw day 3

Read about day one here and day two here. If the hotel we stayed in interests you, click on this and for a few more pictures of the holiday click here.
And if that is not enough, keep reading. ;-)

Day 3 - Saturday

As it was already Saturday, our second last day, it was important to go shopping. Why? Because we didn't have enough warm clothes with us. As if we could not have handled the cold for one more day.

We went back to the Zlote Tarasy -shopping center to search if there was something we could fill our bags up with as souvenirs for ourselves.

And indeed there was. I found a nice black&white shirt with fake leather pads on the elbows, and a grey/white/black light knit from Pull&Bear. The selection was pretty good and I could have most likely emptied the store.

Wasn't the only one enjoying Pull&Bear as Mr. I found quite a few nice knits, too.

Hunger attacked. We spotted a tourist information office by the Palace of Culture and Science and went to ask for restaurant suggestions.
Got a couple of good booklets with restaurant info and Polish cuisine suggestions. Though, apparently in Warsaw there aren't many Polish restaurants, at least so we were told.

First we walked to one of the suggested restaurants: Ale Gloria. Seeing that it was between Burberry and some other fancy shop, we knew what to expect. As it was daytime, the restaurant was first of all - empty. Secondly it was way too fancy for how we were dressed, at least we felt very insecure to enter without a suit and chic evening gown. Thirdly it was probably the most expensive restaurant in town. Not ridiculous prices, but something you'd want to see a bit more effort in with your own appearance, too.

Looked very very nice, but I felt like I was in the middle of a wedding ceremony. We decided to leave.
Just to avoid confusion: the pictures above are from the restaurant we actually went to.
Maybe you can get an even better picture of Ale Gloria from their website here.

Where we then actually went to: Adler. Three steps away from Ale Gloria, but prices dropped to be three times less. Adler is a German styled pubish restaurant. I really do suggest you to try their goulash soup - it is amazing. The prices are low, so don't get greedy like we did. The salad you can see above, well, I was only able to eat 1/3 of it. So much for ordering dessert...I was bursting full.
As someone has written on TripAdvisor: "A hidden German/Polish restaurant Gem in Warsaw."

Freezing cold. We were walking towards our hotel but could only make it back to the Palace of Culture and Science as we felt our fingers turn into popsicles.
Therefore we had a good reason to check out the shops on the other side of the Palace and might have spent a few zlotys again..

Taxi, hotel, rest, gym, spa, get ready to eat again.

In the evening we wanted to go eat out for the second time that day, as we hadn't gone out to eat on other evenings and this was our last.
The Indian restaurant we had planned to go to was already closing, as I was super slow and we headed out to eat at 10.30pm.
From the Indian restaurant we were guided to go dine at the old town, at a restaurant called Bazyliszek.
We fell into the hole of greediness again. Ended up eating half of my meal, and having no dessert - again. What a sad, sad day.

Cheap food. Not exactly the tastiest meals, but nothing to complain about for the price. Two for one glasses of wine. Nice location. Staff dressed up in some kind of traditional costumes, I would guess?
Cozy and nice, for the price. Maybe I should consider a career in poetry.

Taxi home. First woman taxi driver we'd seen in Poland. And the cheapest taxi ride so far. What do we learn? - Pick a woman driver if you can. ;-)


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