Thursday, May 31, 2012

GramArt sommerfest

Last Thursday after work we popped a bottle with colleagues and later headed off to a restaurant by Olaf Ryes plass before the GramArt sommerfest at Parkteatret.

Acts included:
Stein Torleif Bjella
Mikhael Paskalev
Hanne Sørvaag
Sirius and Johnel
Frida Amundsen
Amund Maarud band

Really nice evening with good music, drinks and amazing weather. After the acts people were pretty much done with staying inside and headed to the terrace to continue their evening/night.

I was ready to head off to bed at 11pm, having my visitor, mummy, waiting for me at home.
Work in the AM doesn't really call me out for a party the night before. At least not often. ;-)
...but it is the music biz...


Monday, May 28, 2012


A few weeks back I spent the weekend in Rånåsfoss. A small village outside of Oslo.
A birthday celebration, painting bits of a scooter, playing Wii, 'band practice' (as in random playing and jamming), and trying to improve my Norwegian.


Inspired by Thursday's GramArt summer party, I've been listening to Frida Amundsen's album on repeat:

Hip hej, sommartiden

Park + grill + 'pølse med lompe' + kubb + longboarding + frisbee + new&old friends - gypsies stealing phoneskeysandmoney = fun times.

We caught Ms. Robber on time so no material harm was caused.

Guys vs. girls 2-1.
Next time we'll win.


ps. I had my first swim of the year yesterday! Or actually first Nordic swim this year to be exact.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

chill bill


This morning mummy and me have already been up to a lot.

Breakfast close by at baker Hansen.

Chilling at St.Hanshaugen watching skaters do some freeriding before the King Of The Hill competition.

Sunday market at Blå. Hereby some better pictures that I promised last time I posted about it.
We were there already when it opened at 12. Very little people, very quiet.
These +30°C temperatures have probably gotten people visiting the islands and all. It's just crazy sweatyhot in the city. Sooocooool.

Helmet sideways, life's goood.

Walking round Grünerløkka, adoring the cute old Oslo houses and coming back home to cook.
I think I might just pop by at Haugen park again to have a look at how the KOTH competition is going!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gabrielle @Rockefeller

Gabrielle @Rockefeller, Oslo
May 18th

Attitude. Grool sounds. Powerful voice. Chill style. Beautiful hair.
Official website here.

Heard songs by Gabrielle before?
Click here to listen to her big hit from last summer 'Ring Meg'.
She sings in Norwegian but that don't mattah! At least for me it motivates in the process of learning Norwegian. ;-) Reading lyrics and translating is great practice.

Me and the merch-dude. Mr. Jonas, who was ever so kind to get me a press pass for the gig in order for me to practice a bit of gig photography. Limited time (3first songs) and different kind of lights make the job challenging. Tons of fun!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Have a SUPER weekend!

I went by my corner shop today (yes, the best organic store in town YEAAH) and bought these delights.
Himalayan salt - now this is when cooking can begin.
Liquorice root - I thought mummy brought some chaga tea with her but nooo...
and +30°C weather means it is definitely time for coconut juice

I also bought 2 return flights today. Both to Finland. First visit to Helsinki in just a couple of weeks and second to Turku in September. Maybe I can pick up some chaga then!

Have a lovely weekend folks!
<3: Linda

Backstreets back!

NKOTBSB @Oslo, Spektrum

Lately I've been lucky to go and see quite a few gigs. A week back The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block were in town! They did a tour together which ended in Oslo.

Monica was ever so kind to take me to the gig with her.
And as a gift, JoJo was flown from Finland to Oslo just for one night for the gig too! So cool!
We had standing tickets and were able to accidentally get to a perfect spot with nine sweaty men dancing right in front and Nick Carter running right past us in the middle of the crowd.
Oooh hurray, BSB sweat drops and LindaJohannaMonica tear drops. (not quite)

As the gig was at Oslo Spektrum, I wasn't allowed to take my camera with. These phone pictures will have to do. I have a feeling you'll get the idea and awesomeness well enough this way, too. ;-)

To be honest I knew 0 songs from New Kids On The Block. I guess I wasn't even born when they had their hits? Or I was living my speechless, non-brainer baby years.

The BSB's chose 4 women out of the crowd and sang to them. HEY, I thought I was supposed to be Brian's pick? Jealzzzz.

It's Nick.

I kind of wished the guys would have thrown their Norway hoodies out into the crowd for me. They looked cool.

Despite the heart attack providing firework effects, the gig was amazing. The hearing capacity of my ears might have dropped a level or two due to the screaming GUYS and girls around us but I guess it was worth it.

JoJo and me went to see BSB in Helsinki in 2008 I think it was. The picture above is from there, Hartwall arena.

Have to say that the Oslo show was a billion times better. More effects, more dance, more of a show vibe, more audience engagement and more energy.
And a much crazier bunch of fans!

Thumbs up for the NKOTBSB tour!