Monday, August 27, 2012

A new housewarming

Five months in Oslo have gone fast.
Now I moved into my new, second, Oslo apartment. Just two streets up from the old one.
I just love the area, St.Hanshaugen.
A short walk from the center (work), park, best organic+superfood store in town Røtter, and all in all just very well located. The only minus I can think of is that it's uphill when going back home from work..but on the other hand that means it's downhill when going to work - so no complaints. ;-)

Anyway, we had our housewarming party on Saturday.
Two special guests: Karen from the UK and Vendela from Sweden. That made it a little Haarlem exchange -reunion. Very, very nice.

Starting off with the 'hangover preventing drink' of course! Chlorella+orange juice.

Haarlem reunion!

Good times.


PS: I never use lipstick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't just be. Sit quiet.

Yeah. The title's wisdom learnt from today's book read. 'Enough - Breaking Free From the World of More' by John Naish. (yes, I've started the booked over again like 10 times...I know)

Lately a lot has been going on.
- I was lucky enough to be a part of Øya International and the Øya -festival in Oslo a week back. A big heart for the music and people. (pictures coming up)
- I moved house, did that must-do Ikea visit and am little by little settling down. Only one bag unpacked. Haven't felt this 'at home' since my second study year in Jyväskylä.
- I have had major troubles with my phone and it's network. Rather annoying as I can't contact anyone and nobody can contact me. 'The disease of 2012' - they say.
- I booked tickets to London in March to see the Spice Girls -based musical 'Viva Forever'. Super excited!
- I have worked a lot with pictures, editing and sorting them on my external hard drive.
- I have met a bunch of interesting music industry people, heard their career stories and been grateful that they could spare some of their time for me.
- I have drank some nice portions of coconut water. Health and peace!
- I have bought a dress for my friend's wedding in September.
- Today I enjoyed my first (hopefully not last) day under the Oslo sun by just sunbathing and being
Total relaxation.

And I have a lot to look forward to, as
- I get amazing visitors next weekend + housewarming party.
- Next week I have a week long holiday abroad, in the sun.
- September, Finland, friends, wedding, love.

...and I'm currently chatting with some very good friends back from home, eating goji-acai-porridge with coconut oil, and using my neighbors WiFi, as I'm waiting for mine to get delivered and installed.
I guess things could be a lot worse? ;-)

Hugs & love,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beer Brewery

On Friday the guys were upto some beer brewing. Or bottling, as they had made the beer some weeks back. Now a few weeks of waiting, and in approx. three weeks time the beer should be good to drink.
Just in time for our housewarming party. ;-)

Yep, moving again in 9 days! Just two streets up from my current location. Not bad.
Good times.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

My longboarding trip today

Rånåsfoss cruisin'

An accidental 20km in nearly 30°C heat and cruising in the wroooong direction as most hills were UP not DOWN.
Know better next time.

Came back from the trip with a smile and a burning shoe. The last hill was kinda tough and breaking on that bumpy asphalt, uhhh, hothothot.


Home sweet cottage, Finland

Need I say that 4 days is far too little time to spend in an environment like this?

Anyway, last weekend was spent visiting family and a few friends in Finland.
Time passed fast. Schedule were fully booked, like it tends to be on Finland visits.
Tummy was full of great food constantly. And new experiences were gained.
Also spent my last day, which was supposed to be dedicated for my little cousin + longboarding, in bed drinking hot juice and MSM. Yes, I got ill. Swollen throat, fever feel, head full of pressure and muscles all weak. Great way to end a short holiday, right?

The weather in Oslo (Rånåsfoss actually, as I came to spend my weekend at Ingar's parents house.) is great for once, so I'm off out for some longboarding..therefore - let the pictures speak:

day 1 was:
parents (+food), grandparents (+food), cousins (+food), birthday of cousin (+food), outdoor hottub, swimming and did i

day 2 was:
wild strawberry picking, ants in my pants, swimming, Chris and Veera (!yay!), beachvolley, Sanni+Tuomas+Jussi, Varkaus pub evening incl. Reea+Santtu+Tommi+Henri, nighttime outdoor hot tub+sauna+swimming+bbq.

day 3 was:
Visiting family: we finally have a newcomer! a little baby girl! a little monkey! (unfortunately this means that in two years time I will be playing horse...I dunno if I'm quite looking forward to that part ;)

and Kuopio Rock -festival with our summer ex-change student, Marily. Nightwise was playing!
Unfortunately I couldn't take my camera to the area with me. Maybe I'll post some photos later if I get ahold of the pictures from our mini-camera that was with us.
I wasn't really 100% at the festival...guess the illness was kicking in!
Saw some old friends though, which was nice.

day 4, the last one:
Laying in bed till 3pm. Feeling like the end of the world was coming. ;-) Thought of heading to the bus station at midnight and taking a 5hours bus ride to the airport to make the 8am flight was not tempting.

Little by little I got some energy to get through the day, and later the bus ride. With an extremely low energy level I did cut Ingar's hair, watch everyone swim, enjoy the sunshine and try do some evening fishing (without the same success as up North of Norway).

Now back in Norway. Still coughing and sneezing, but feelin' betterrr.
Next week it is the Øya festival. I'm looking forward to it. Big time.