Friday, February 25, 2011

HOLAAAAAA guapos y guapas!

Can I be more happy about my life at the moment?
Can I express my love for Madrid more than I already do?
AAAAAAH. Me encanta!

I just received the best of news. Luis is in town!
Now I'm off to dinner with Ángel's lovely friend after which I'll meet up with Luis and his friends.
Everyone here is so kind, willing to help and introduce me to friends, friends of their friends, friends of their friends of their friends. Cultural differences to Finland+Holland are grande.
I think I could get used to this...

And for some strange reason many Spanish think I'm local. QUEEE? (e.g. I got a granny friend at the San Michel market the other day...I'll let you know all about my trip later!)

Linda Arboleda-Montana
(I should change my name to Spanish)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playa Del Inglés pt2


Day 4, 5 and 6 in one

Oh gosh. So much has been happening which I am all hyped about that I seem to have forgotten everything I've done last week! Anywhoo...Of the last 3days I didn't take too many pictures. It was all the samesamesame (environment, etc) as you've seen in the previous post, here.
For day 4 we went to Las Palmas. Some shopping, ending up buying just 3 basic tops, and laying on the beach and trying to swim without succeeding because of the huge waves. It was too warm to do anything else than chill, so the whole day was spent pretty much just on the beach.
Went to eat at a chinese buffet for 6,50€ including desserts and everything (QUEEE?!)! So good, so cheap. Amazing. Plus it wasn't only chinese. They had like...everything.
Have you ever received earrings with the bill? At this restaurant...yes, everything is possible.

Of day 5 I have nothing else to say than beach, pool, eat, swim, read, school work and exercise!

Day 6 was all the same. Chill, chill, chill. I was still so burnt that had to try out a few skin-calming methods.
I guess the cucumber and natural yoghurt didn't really work out as well as planned since my skin is still slightly red and all the "tanned" skin is peeling off. Blaaah. I learnt my lesson. Sun lotion, sun lotion.

And on Tuesday (day 7) I woke up at 6.16am and off to...MADRID!
So, here I am. Loving every single bit. People, city, food, weather (+20°C), shops (!!!), people's styles, my friends and their families, my hotel and all, especially sushi.
I leave back on Saturday...and despite the weather in Holland (it was snowing again, I heard), it's nice to go back and see everyone again. Might steal the sun and take it with me.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Tourist paradise

Greetings from tourist paradise - Playa Del Inglés, Gran Canaria!
Here anyone feels like home. For the Finnish we have:
À la mummo
Tommy's hairdresser
Leena's souvenirs
Street Helsinki
Frederik (Linda, Linda...)
...and so much more.

I had a flight change in Barcelona and had a few min to go out and memorize a trip I had with my friend's family a few years ago:

I'm currently sitting in Mummola, a café/restaurant, surrounded by Finnish. When walking here I passed 3 Finnish families on one small road. So, I better watch out what I say. ;-)

The average tourist here is: +50years old and +80kg, man or woman. Yes, they are wearing moon bags and sandals with socks... Hardly any young people, hardly any fit people.
But it's warm and a great break. Sports, good food, beach, sun, sea...all I need. (plus schooool work)

Day 1
Arrival day
It was already late when I got to the hotel. I heard FREDERIK was about to perform in Iskelmäbaari, a Finnish bar here. Grabbed a bit to eat and went out for a walk to go find that awe-some artist. After searching for an hour, Iskelmäbaari was found. Frederik was starting and whoaa...what did I hear - his hit song Haha, well he sings Linda Linda anyway! For the price of 10€ I did not feel like staying. Not my cup of tea, even though such effort was made for finding him. Curiosity. ;-)
They have scales everywhere. Why on earth? So that +80kg's can check how much they loose weight when walking 100m?

Beach day
Went walking on the beach up to Meloneras via Maspalomas.
Noticed that there is a gay event going on here.
Few hours after +27°C
On the way to Meloneras there are many types of beach wonders.
After walking for a while I suddenly realized people around me were...naked. I had stepped on nudity ground. The nudist area continued for kilometers! People (yes, mostly the type I already described. +50years/+80kg) were walking, playing volleyball and sun bathing (didn't see anyone JOGGING though) fully incontinently. There was a dune area which I stopped at to have a break. Some XCO, running, stretching, yoga and sunbathing.
Walking continued and ta daaa I suddenly realized that everyone around me I had stepped on the rainbow flag ground.
When coming back to the hotel I noticed that sun lotion is actually a very good invention. With love Linda, who is more red than a fire truck.

Day 3
Exercise and beach
Off for a run at 8.30am. Had a stretching and yoga moment on the beach as the sun rose.
After two hours back to the hotel for a nice breakfast and...some more sleep.
The rest of the day was sun sun sun, swimming and sun.
I got a new friend, Patrick from Ireland. Fits the genre mentioned many times above... +50 and all that. ;)
And now going to head back to the hotel from Mummola for a good night's sleep.

Te gustan los animales? Si, me gustan los monos y los loros que hablan:

As red as a fire truck...or even more.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Amsterdam looks sunny and beautiful as I'm...
...@ Schipol (aka Shithole) airport waiting for my flight to leave!

Somehow I feel this trip will be...exciting.
Everything started out unexpected.

Had to put my hand luggage in cargoooo, boo. Hope I get it on time for my next flight, unlike someone whose luggage went missing when arriving to destination (!!). Not nice. (especially when the °C change is from tens of minuses to tens of plusses)

No idea of next internet access possibility. So, happy holidays for those who have and happy something else for others.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Yesterday's Valentine's day!

As Jaleh and Judit seem to have summed up our trip pretty well, I'll just post some more photos from our last day as we drove drove Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium to Holland.
You can read Jaleh's post here.
And Judit's post in Catalan here.

Leuven, Belgium:

Fun facts of the day:

Meating room? And what about the last picture of a local Leuven club stating: "Rumba or popclub is not a brothel! There are no prostitutes at this adress!"

Guess what, I'm packing again.
We have holiday for one and a half weeks, so I'm off!
You'll hear from me from somewhere around the world soooon.


...did we? Yes, haha.

Oh, and today's press conference about Thelma&Louise was so much fun!
Yay, school!
(even though holiday is welcome, too ;)