Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Chlorella

I just got back from the gym and am enjoying a marvelous protein drink.
First time tryout: chlorella & orange juice.
And whoa, it surely works!
Chlorella and other seaweeds are often known as smelly, extremely strong and bad tasting food.
In this drink orange, as a strong tasting fruit, surely overtakes chlorella! Super super like.
Read more about chlorella in Finnish for example here and in English here.
(Want to prevent a hungover? Maybe chlorella is the word...)

I just started my 3rd minor on Monday. It's called filmstudies. With only 2 days of class I can say this girl has learnt a lot. Symbols, angles, camerawork, lights, sound, script...there's so much more to it all than just "sit, put your brain on 'off' -mode and watch". That's the type of movie watcher I used to be. Maybe my love for High School Musical and such other movies will change as I begin to deepen my knowledge. ;-)

As I have the rest of the week off I'm off to Breda and tomorrow Jaleh, three of her friends and me set off to explore Luxembourg!

An energetic weekend for all!

ps. I've probably watched more movies the last month than I watched last year! Se7en is so worth watching, how come I never saw it before... too hooked on HSM, I guess. ;-) Zodiac wasn't bad either, just a bit too long for me.

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