Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cine and Wheese, Johanna was here

On Wednesday I got yet again a visitor from Finland - JoJo!
Really great to have her over. She got a sneak peak into the Erasmus life we've been living; Patronaat and such.

We were supposed to go for a ride to Leiden and Den Haag. Somehow we just didn't find the way (the kilometer amount just kept on going up! 22, 28, 35 - whaat!) We ended in Hillegom which became our favorite name for a town. Plus Bennebroek which became the area we want to live in some day! Gorgeous big houses. It looked just like the USA.
After Hillegom our "cine & wheese" -time. Not that tempting picture. But. It was good!

Beach day.

And shopping in Amsterdam. Monki final sale...couldn't resist!
In the evening it was time for what else than...Thursday's Patronaat.

Lazy chill day. In the evening we did visit town for the ESN pub crawl but just for a while. Went to bed early in order to wake up for Saturday's new trip to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam -day! And what a great day that was, indeed.
Enough with the bike pics? But yeah, someone must have had an interesting Friday looking at how bike 1 and 4 have been parked.
Of course a round at the RLD.
Fries with Jonas from Norway.
A football field on top of a canal house?
A desired studio apartment in the heart of Amsterdam?
My first time in Vondelpark! It will be so pretty during summer.
We ended our Amsterdam day by going to a really nice pub near the RLD. It was called Brouwerij De Prael and worth a visit. I shall go again for this:
11% and tastes like mämmi. Explanation of mämmi here.

I had a great time with Johanna over and she was already thinking of making a new visit in the beginning of summer. (Beaaach!)
Now, after all that unhealthy's time for a jog (and Sunday dinner at Yana's and Alex's later on)!



  1. if you ever go to den haag, could you put here some pictures from there or tell something about it, did you like it and stuff? because i'm thinking maybe going to exchange there. it would also be cool to know what it's like to be as an exchange student in holland in general...:)

  2. thank you for your comment! i will surely do both!:-)