Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye ceremony

Last weekend of ESN Haarlem Aug-Jan
How did it start?

On Friday school arranged a goodbye ceremony for everyone leaving in January.
Just to let you know, this wasn't all haha.
"Seleeeeeeeeeeeeen!" as Johannes would say at this point.
The whole weekend has been partypartyparty for most students. Well, it is their last weekend.
I've been lame. Gone to sleep early both days so that I could get very important stuff done as in going to the gym, jogging and shopping + a little something still needed to be done for school.

Today, Sunday, the weather has been a-mazing: +12 and sun sun sun! Therefore I spent the whole day outside exploring new places with my bike and going for a walk with Heikki and Petteri. Haven't seen so many smiley people for a while. Pure loveliness.


Ps: Albert Heijns aren't open on Sundays anymore. Why on earth?

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