Thursday, March 31, 2011


Can there be too much good music in the world?
Waiting for the overdose.

Oneohtrix Point Never
Owen Pallet's music in general
(...I can't believe I have a thing for Final Fantasy -music)

Jimmy LaValle's solo project, The Album Leaf



Now I've completed all course work (minus one exam) for Film Studies, minor number 3. Happy happy joy joy.
I don't think I've ever been so excited of school work. I could get used to filming, editing and acting...writing screenplays isn't that bad either. ;)

The weather for Rome looks pretty promising!
For the first time I'm going on a trip without no idea of accommodation. JP, who I'm going with, promised it'd be okay, so I trust him haha! accommodation means careful and thoughtful packing.
Chris lent me a backpack for the trip, since I don't want to be pulling big bags behind me for a week. I don't think I've ever gone traveling with such a "little" bag before. At least not for a week.
I'm already worrying about packing. Saturday is coming soooon.
I can't fit everything with me!

So, if anyone has any Rome -tips - per favore!
I'm hoping to be warm enough wearing erm...shorts and t-shirts...and bikinis...wishful but not impossiblé!


Random fact of the day. This is a greeting from Vendela and Karen.

Today (30.3.2011) Google is celebrating Robert Bunsen's day.
You know how Google always makes these little images on their logo when it's Christmas, Mother's day, or whatever...Well today it's Robert's day.
Who is Mr. Bunsen? Find out from Wikipedia. Here.
In short - he is a German chemist.

Random fact number two:
7 years ago (31.3.2011) Google announced it would launch a free e-mail service: Gmail.

And a third one:
Vincent van Gogh was born on the 30th of March 1853.
Other birthdays include: Celine Dion, Ingvar Kamprad, Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones.

Last but not least:

good night.

Monday, March 28, 2011

One, two, three - ACTION

Yet an other day hyping about the weather.
Today has been full of action.

We went on my virgin trip to Action with Vendela and Karen. The idea was to buy some aloe vera juice, which is 1,80€ for 1,5L! But some other wise people had also discovered the great deal and emptied the shelves leaving only the small bottles for us...well, we weren't happy but had to cope with it.
Because of our sorrow, we had to get something to make us happier again.
So, we decided we'd buy BARBECUES! 
..and have THE 1ST BBQ OF THE YEAR, MAN!

Obviously this wasn't enough and I had to buy two:
Yes..I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. Oh that horror!

Plus, we bought some chalk and bubblessss.
Playtime, eh?

OH, and on our way to Action we discovered the erm...North-Haarlem -area. Own shopping center and all.
It looked like North-Haarlem was still stuck in the 90's life. A little behind, but who cares! Nice to go back in time once in a while.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some favorites

Latest likes and listen to's.

what most...


So my plans now are to go Britneyac and clean up my room!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Just surfin'

My new favorite hobby is definitely crowd surfing.
One of the "have to do" -things I can finally cross out of my list.
Or well, I'm sure this wasn't the last time.
Nor was it the first. But. It was good. It was great. It was perfect

Thank you all for keeping me "up high".
Until next time. Next Thursday.

Thank you for the pictures, Karen.


Scott, I'd be more careful with leaving your window open when you leave your room!x

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ooh sunny day !

In the middle of assignments it's good to have a break.
By the lake today with great company.

It's Thursday so I guess it's Patronaat -day.

(2 assignments away from finishing the minorrrr, yeyey)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Then There Were None

It's a pity that all beautiful, warm days aren't sanctified as days off and compulsory 'chill out in the sun' -days. Today the weather was probably the best it has been so far, even though we have been really lucky with the sun for a few weeks already in Holland. I was dying when jogging with a long sleeved on. Thankfully there were very happy kids and men cheering so this beetroot made it back home.

Minor number 3 is coming to its' end.
Yesterday and today I've been working hard on my assignments. And it shall continue.
Yesterday we went out to film my 1min memory -movie that is one of our final assignments. I got so excited about the assignment and the great material Heikki filmed, that I had to start editing immediately. Going through the 75 different clips we shot was definitely not the nicest and fastest job, as I was seeking for material for only 1min.
I ended up editing the whole having a complete one. Version 1 that is. Might be some changes coming up.

Other assignments are writing a 10min script and doing a few analysis' of movies.

You might be wondering what that Youtube video clip above is all about...and, well.
We have to write a review of a movie from our top5 list.

When I was in highschool, 7th grade, we had to read Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". I wasn't a big fan of reading, and yet still am not, but this book brought me my love for crime and mystery books/movies/tv-series (C.S.I, Se7en, Zodiac, the Millennium trilogy, and most recently: RED).
I remember watching the movie "And Then There Were None" like 8 years ago but can't remember which version I watched (I remember it to be a colored version, though...).

To be honest, I'm not sure what my top5 movie list even consists of...but ATTWN had a great impact on me those many years ago, so I had to see if it was still a hit. Never have I liked b&w movies before, nor movies older than me - until now that I watched ATTWN again.

ATTWN introduced me to the crime and mystery -genres, and those are the movies I enjoy most. Alongside with drama and comedy, of course. ;)

So, if you haven't seen "And Then There Were None" - go for it.

Ooh, and today's study music has been the amazingly calming Helios, which I only discovered a little while ago.



ps. how do you like the new appearance of my blog?:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody say weehoo

I know this is old information already to many but I was sooooo busy on Friday, Friday...learning the weekdays, obviously. And the lyrics to 'Friday', obviously.
But if someone has had the talent to miss these Youtube successes - my pleasure to share them with you.

Tomorrow it's Monday by the way. Tuesday comes afterwards.

Rebecca Black already has over 23mil. views! WO HOO.

Then some other great artists from the Ark Music Factory.

PS: What do you think combines all these songs?
We say:
- special lyrics
- special appearance (rap-sections)
- special melodies
- performers' age
- all the "friends" of the singers seem to have braces
- 12-13 -year old girls driving a car
- same style of clothes and music videos
- every single video has at least one guy in it - usually a love story
- a lot of weekdays are mentioned
- a lot of repeating
- everybody thinks they are freakin' famous! GOTTA LOVE IT!

All of these are valid reasons for why we (Vendela, Karen and Linda) would pay 2000 dollars to have our own videos from Ark.

I think I will sleep really well tonight after.
I finally found the music I love.


Linda, Karen and Vendela

Volendam and Hoorn

Yesterday we went to a small cute town in eastern Holland, Volendam. The weather was amazing, just like it is today. Sun shining bright, no clouds, lovely.

We had a great time playing "yellow car" and spotting dijks.
Obviously I found the most yellow cars but was mistreated and received extra (15...) punches because the cars I spotted were "company cars". Who makes up all these stupid rules with 'no company cars allowed'! I'm so arranging a yellow car parade...lets see who smiles then!

We got some company.

We also visited a city called Hoorn. Actually really nice and much bigger than we expected. There was a beautiful seaside there where many people were enjoying the great weather.

The following two pictures from Hoorn (which seems to be the city of hands) Vendela, Karen and me would like to own to Tina and Esther.

Today the weather has once again been amazing. It feels like summer. I went for a run and saw people in t-shirts and shorts.

Hope you all had and still continue to have a delightful weekend!


Oh, and PS:
An anonymous asked me once to do a post from Den Haag. I will most likely be going there soon, so I'll definitely post about that later!

+ I bought tickets to Rome yesterday. Can't wait! If anyone has any hostel/hotel recommendations - please do share!:) Also other recommendations as in what to do, where to go, what to eat, etc. are very very welcome.