Sunday, March 13, 2011

One week, one city, two blondes

Days go so fast.
So do weeks.

I promise a long post now, since I can't be bothered to split this into two or three separate ones.
This just as a be aware notification.

Monday and Tuesday
Ellu arrived. We took it quite easy, since I had school and work to do. On Monday, though, we did already go explore Amsterdam and meet up with Chris and Koen at FM - First Monday's. And on Tuesday we went to try out a nice Italian restaurant in Haarlem and watched the movie RED.

Was Amsterdam day.
"Erm, where's my bike?"
Little fun for the Finn's.
We kicked off our day with breakfast at 1pm in a lovely café in the Jordan -area. Really cheap, too. E.g. my sandwich with avocado and tomato was only 2,50€! Sadly I can't remember the name of the place.
The café was next to this! So if you find this spot, you are right next door ;)
Interestingly enough my camera seems to have no more pictures of our touristic walk in Amsterdam. BUT. We did discover an interesting shop.
2theloo is the world's first toilet store! 8 toilets for women and the same amount for men. Plus they sell all kinds of toilet stuff from potties to tampons.
Website here.

They had a store manager spot available and the manager was suggesting I should apply.
"I am serious, we need a store manager." I'm still thinking. What you reckon?
If you got interested, send your CV to

We had fun checking out all the toilets:
After a lot of walking and talking...(mostly on the red light district, where for the first time the prostitutes actually smiled at us and talked to us! the 50€/15min, 100-150€/8h rent -stuff)

...we went back to Haarlem to the ESN Carnival party. We didn't stay for long since we were tired of our exhausting day.

HAAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLU! Three months late.
Since I wasn't in Finland when Ellu had her birthday, I wanted to treat her with something special in Haarlem. And what would that be?

Vendela and Karen joined us for the surprise. It was their first Sumo -experience, too. We could only make it through three rounds, after which we all felt...dead.

In the evening we went to Amsterdamn, again, with Ellu. We went to the Pathé -theatre (it's amazing, the old Tuschinski one I mean) to see Black Swan. The movie was slightly...disgusting. About four or five scenes were too much for me to handle, so I just kept my hands in front of my eyes. Ellu covered herself inside her jacket slightly peeking out at times. Basic, normal things made into something terribly yucky. It was a great movie, though. Especially the ending. Shall not tell more to avoid spoiling, as I've heard not all have yet seen it. You should. (Natalie Portman, oh pure beauty!)

We also got some Swedish friends in the evening when walking around after the movie. Really, really fun guys! Sadly we didn't ask for contact info, so we only enjoyed each others company for a short while.


I have been in Haarlem for over half a year now. Not once had I visited the ORGANIC food market...until last Friday! Fresh fruit, bread, vegetables, cookies, nuts, all basic needs. Lovely.
We bought some food and went for a picnic with Lauri, Jonas, Heikki, Koen and Chris.
We went to the lake I talked about earlier. The weather was windy, but sunny. I just lovelovelove the area!

In the evening it was Amsterdam for me and Ellu again.

We went to a bar Lauri suggested: Minibar.
Nice atmosphere, nice concept. Everyone has their own minibar from which they can get drinks from. You pay for the drinks you have had when you leave.
Later we went to an Aussie bar, Coco's, where we got interesting friends again - thanks to our Clone Wars lightsabers!
We continued with two, a Dutch and Polish, to play pool at Ball's, what a creative bar name.
The last match was a competition of "winner gets a happy meal" (yes, the lightsabers were the happy meal toys and the guys wanted ones, too) Sadly... ME AND ELLU WON! 2 new lightsabers for us it was. Muahahahaa. We made them eat the food, though. 2 happy meals a day would be too much.

After McDo the guys wanted to show us the ugliest bars in town. And so they did. One of them was called Savoy or something, but the other one I don't know. Which doesn't matter since I won't be going again haha!
And finally we made it home on the last bus...tired as...blah.

The relaxing beach day.
The weather was warm, again, and the beach was full of people. Ellu was surely lucky with the great weather we had all week.

We went driving around Overveen, admiring the lovely huge houses they have in that area.
And interesting traffic signs:

In the evening we went for a boat cruise. Canal cruise. It took one hour and we saw a lot of nice areas of Amsterdam I never knew existed.
We were sitting next to two German guys who found it funny as we were commenting places with our Dutch vocabulary. "Dat is lekker." I understood that "das is lekker" (or something) is the way they say the same sentence in German? The guys also tried to teach us some random German sentences which we did not understand at all.
Yes. The cruise was called: Lovers cruise.
Thankfully we were not surrounded by couples only.

After the cruise it was time for the last tour around the red light district and Amsterdam in general, for Ellu, for now.
Sumppa, I'm sure you'll be happy to see this picture. We've been taking care of our tummies. Not.

Today, Sunday, I took Ellu to the airport for her to continue her exciting journey.
This week was great. Super. As usual. As always with Ellu. It just passed way too quick! Feels like there would have been so much more to do, to experience.

OOH. This week I also:
Dropped my Finnish phone in the loo (it still works. perfectly.), got two free museum cards from an old friendly man and got my internship contracts back, signed! More about that, the internship part, later. Excitingggg year this is!

...and I'm sure that's not all, but my memory is limited.

But now towards new excitements...e.g. Robyn in Melkweg tomorrow!


This week's top CD: Avril Lavigne's "Goodbye Lullaby" (the first Avril CD I actually like! and it reallyreally is good!)
Today's top song: Britney Spears "Till The World Ends"

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