Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's freakin' cold, peeps!

I went to the bank today to renew my credit card.
The dude working there went:
Bank-dude: "Hummm"
Me: "Yeah, I know, it's freezin' cold out there!"
(I thought he was looking and laughing at me cos I was totally frozen and pale)
B-d: "Naaah, I was just thinking you smell like candy haha"
Me: "Umm, ok..."
B-d: "Have you just eaten candy?"
Me: "Umm, no."
B-d: "Hha, ok, must be your perfume or something."
Me: "Umm, might be..."
I gave him my ID to get the credit card ordered.
B-d: "But you are from Finland, how come it's cold!? You know I'm from Somalia!"
Yeeees, I did buy a new scent from Cologne. Inspired by Ally buying that a long time ago in Finland. Organic it is!;-)
The wind makes it feel like -20°C, I don't feel like leaving home before summer.
What I've been doing for the past hour is...looking at pictures from our trip to Tunisia last March with Ansku and Mona. 
And looking at pictures of holiday trips from the last few years...
Majorca with mum 
Cyprus with the lads 
As well as Sicily with parents 
Greece with mum 
And a highschool trip to Monaco & France
I wanna go somewhere warm!
(Oh yes, warm -20°C Finland in 21days)
In the need of the sun and beach -combo.

Warm thoughts to you in this cold weather.
I just remembered a favorite song from sometime in 2006-2007. Still liking it!
A bit too depressing for my current mood though.:) Anywhoo, enjoy:
The Feeling - Rosé

First snow, Haarlem

By Heikki Kynsijärvi

We got our first snow in Haarlem today. Or like, the first permanent one which didn't melt on its' way to the ground. Considering me a non-snowlover I was pretty excited, though.
by Heikki Kynsijärvi
Met up with Annaïs to do some school work.
After a while, to my horror there was a tick in my bed!! EW. I think it was a tick.
And I hope it hadn't been there for long. I'm sure it was attached to Annaïs' coat which she put on my bed!! Eeeew. I hope I'm not diseased.
School work changed to searching information how to cure tick-bites.
It cures itself btw.
Not sure whether to trust the info, hopefully I don't have tick-bites anywhere.
Anyway, regardless of the concern of the possibility of being highly diseased, we went off to have a:
From where to Albert Heijn and for a walk with Irma and Annaïs to the lovely white Grote Markt.
Will Sinterklaas bring me a present even though I'm not a big fan of him wannabeing Santa Claus?
Snowangel at Grote Markt
Irma and Annaïs are mental but great.
I'm sorry for all the ear-injuries we caused any by-passers with Annaïs when singing the Elephant Medley.
"Love is a many splendored thing,
Love lifts us up where we belong,
All you need is love!"

After the football match "El Clásico - FC Barcelona x Real Madrid" I heard a crazy crowd outside my window. What did I see?
Thank you, now my bed and room is wet. Don't worry - I'll get you back.
Good aims, btw!;-)

Sweet dreams,