Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where are we? What the hell is going on?

...Imogen, you said it.
Where the heck did I just come home from? And what the heck was all that?

I think I might have just seen the best gig of my life so far.

Lady, who do you think you are? Superwoman? Yes.
All that talent, beauty, supertalent, creativity, supersupertalent, humor, lovely English accent, amusing storytelling and what...I never knew Imogen Heap was five times my hight! Tall lady.
Imogen is a woman you take really seriously while playing on stage but at the same time also laugh along to jokes with during speeches. She surely knows how to act with the audience.
Me and Esther missed our "lets go early" -train.
The IDFA'10 -festival is on at the moment!
Have you ever actually, actually, listened to Imogen's songs?
I noticed I hadn't. They have so many details I'd never even realized.
My expectations for the gig were...well I wasn't expecting that much of anything, or well, maybe something a bit negative. "How can you get all those sounds to be played on stage - and so well that it would sound good and like the song actually does?"
Foool, Lindaaa, foool. On stage it sounds good, better, best!
Imogen Heap has the qualities I love an artist having when on stage. She explained a lot of details of her songs. The meanings, where the ideas came from...and also dug into details like:

Did you ever realize how her latest album, Ellipse, begins?
Wine glasses.
Yes, this woman knows how to be creative and use all kinds of instruments (not only her unique interesting voice) in her music. The first thing I noticed when seeing the stage was tens of weird instruments either standing on stage, hanging from a tree decoration or on various tables and so.
Did you know Imogen wrote "First Train Home" after visiting her friend?
She had really wanted to go see her friend in this other town, away from home, but felt that it wasn't the perfect moment because of so much undone work, and stress. During her stay she hadn't felt social or outgoing at all and had hidden from people at a party to avoid any social contact. Imogen confirmed: "Drinking really doesn't help if you feel bad!" least a few wine glasses brought inspiration to a successful piece of music!
"A-ha! Caught you now,
Caught you red handed in the biscuit tin,
Cost you to keep me quiet"

"Aha!" tells about a date Imogen had with a tough lad who said he couldn't eat wheat, meat, dairy products, and the list goes on... After all the trouble Imogen went through making the guy food he could actually eat, during tea he then ate a chocolate biscuit (yes, dairy and wheat, eh) with the excuse of "but it's only one". Still hungry for "real food" Imogen felt anger and thought: "Well why not one piece of meat then!?" Men. ;-)
All her songs had some little story to them.
I loved it that she sang songs from her previous album, "Speak For Yourself", too.
For example "Just For Now" was sung with the audience being a choir. Sounded pretty ace, I have to say! And was a nice activity also.
"Closing In", she said to have been written when really longing for someone important in her life. You could see she was serious about that, especially because of a restart she had to make. I think she really captured the audience and forwarded the longing feeling. Was inspiring.

I don't know what more to say. Think 'nuff said.
Of course she didn't leave us cold and played this as the last song:
I know I posted it already last time. ;-)

Oh yea, and when arriving to Melkweg me and Esther randomly bought tickets to see Mike Posner in March!
Had talked about going once before but not really that seriously. Hopefully I don't have anything important going on on the 5.3.! Oh but I will, won't I. Miiiike!
Melkweg has a great line up this month!
On the way back to the train station we bought some food for the way back: Oliebol. (oil balls...)
I heard it's a traditional New Years food!
Does it look like we had some spare time while waiting for the train to leave?
Yeah, this time we didn't miss it!

Good night, sleep tight,
let Imogen Heap bite!



  1. did she really give reasons for her songs?

    and oliebollen traditional new year's food? i say traditional everyday food!

  2. Yep, she did! Not all (there's a DVD with more explanations;) but a few, yes. Reallyreally nice.

    Haha this was my first time trying oliebol, just like a Finnish munkki! They say it's NY food Jaleeeeh...

  3. i think it's better than munkki!
    so probably it's ny everyday for me.