Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chaga mushroom tea

The other day daddy and me went out kayaking and searching for some chaga mushroom. I guess our cottage is in the perfect place for such a hobby, as on our two hour trip we found enough to supply us for probably the upcoming two years haha! We even left some trees untouched, hoping for the chaga mushroom to grow and be there when we come back for more. Unless someone else round these hoods goes out for a chaga hunt, too!

Two bags full of chaga! And then it was time to make the first own chaga tea from beginning to end.

How did I do it?
1. Go search for chaga. It is easy to recognize and grows mostly in birches, as seen on the picture above.
2. Kick or use a hammer, or whatever, to get the chaga off the tree. Take it all! But do not harm the tree during your kicking and smashing process.
3. Smash the chaga into smaller pieces. You can for example hammer it inside an old cloth.
4. You can either dry the chaga or start making tea from it immediately. Depending on preferences. If you have a lot of chaga, it is recommendable to dry it (at least the part you wont be using straight away) as otherwise it might start molding.
Drying the chaga mushroom can be done in the oven, in sunlight, in the sauna, wherever. The drying time depends on size of the chaga. The quicker, the smaller you piece it to.

I hammered it into pieces like these.

 Some of the hammered pieces were kept at their size, but some I blended into smaller coffee like grit. 

5. Boil water and put some chaga mushroom in! Either powder or bigger pieces, whatever you prefer. A piece can be used many times (as long as the black/brown color detaches). I have used the same powder a few times, too. Dosage depends on how strong tea you want but 1 liter of water and two to three teaspoonfulls of chaga should work out good, or one bigger chaga piece. Let the mixture boil and be for around 30min.

6. Enjoy! Drink either hot or cold. I like adding a bit of manuka honey to soften the taste.

Anyone else got tips for chaga usage? What else than tea?


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nature life

Lately I've been spending most of my time out and about doing sports, eating blueberries and enjoying the nature!

1. As our traditional midsummers bonfire did not happen this year...I had my own back at home. ;) Nah, just cleaning our woods out of fallen branches and cut down trees.
2.-4. Track and field competition in Jäppilä for all ages. No, I did not attend, I was on the coaching side. ;)
5.-7. Went kayaking and searching for chaga mushrooms with daddy. More about that to come later! On our trip we found arctic raspberries. They taste like raspberries but are way more rare and valuable.
8. A beautiful double rainbow (!!;)) at our cottage.
9.-10. Went to a spring nearby home. Cold and pure water. One other thing I missed during my exchange year.

Now to sleep so that I'll be ready for tomorrow mornings body pump and run!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


As if Ruisrock wasn't enough as a new experience...(Ruisrock 2011 post here)
I got the opportunity to try out this cool summer hit of 2011!
Benji's are "sooo last year" - now it's time for the catapult and going up instead of down.
I wonder if I would have the courage to try a benji, though. The catapult didn't seem as hardcore and was more my style. ;-)



    "Benji-hypyt ovat jo arkipäivää, nyt hypätään ylöspäin!
    Suomeen on rantautunut kauan kaivattu ja maailmalla mainetta niittänyt huikee  ihmis-Linko. Ammattitaitoisen henkilökuntamme avulla pääset ylittämään itsesi 100 prosenttisesti ja hankit  ikimuistoisia elämyksiä ja fiiliksiä. Hauskanpitoa ei ole unohdettu, sillä ohjelmistossa on mukana myös huikeita bileitä, loistavaa seuraa ja yllätyksellisiä kilpailuja.
    Linko sopii kaikille, vauvasta vaariin! Pienempien lasten kanssa kannattaa tulla kysymään lisää. Alle 15-vuotiaat huoltajat luvalla.
    Lingossa hyppääjä asettuu hyppytatamille ja valjaat kiinnitetään. Lingon voimakkuutta voidaan säätää kumiköysien avulla, joten voit itse vaikuttaa miten kovaa ja korkealle mennään! Jännitys viimein palkitaan kun linko ampuu hyppääjän taivaalle noin 20 metrin korkeuteen. Lingossa voit nauttia adrenaliinin tunteesta tai haastaa itsesi maailman suurimmalla backflipillä. Lisäksi hyppääjä saa mahdollisuuden ikuistaa riemun kiljahduksensa HD-laatuisella videolla."

    I have no idea how to turn videos, so turn your head 90degrees and enjoy! tours around many festivals and happenings this year letting you experience the human catapult. Be sure to test out what kinda adrenaline rush you get.
    Just a hint - if you wanna spin around in the air; don't be scared to do it on the first bounce. It might be too late after. As you can see, I had my troubles. Was in shock. ;-)

    And oh gosh I was shaking after! So much speed, so much energy, so much excitement, a great view and so much fun.


    ps. I dared to take out my phone during The Prodigy to take some video. Mosh in that pit, oh yes!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Red, red strawberries

    Being back at home feels good.

    Never in my life have I been so excited and interested in doing 'the normal things'. A year ago I probably would have said no to some of the daily/normal activities I've been upto lately.

    Today has been a day of:
    - going to explore the local grocery store to see what new organic products they have invented during the passed year ;-)
    - picking strawberries (this year there are so many! only one bush and your bucket is full. yum!)
    - signing up to a local gym + exercise
    - getting some cold, clean and pure spring water from a nearby spring (this I have missed ever so much in Holland)
    - sauna&swimming in the lake

    I didn't remember how much my hometown actually could offer me !
    Or have I just become old(er)? Or have I just begun to prioritize my life more and appreciate 'the smallest things'?
    Anyhow, it's good. I have a feeling that no matter how great my last years Helsinki summer was, this summer won't be too bad either. Calmer, but all for the best. ;-)


    RUISROCK 2011

    My first time at Ruisrock was this year. I went there with Petra, as security guard volunteers but we had Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday evening off. That meant we got to see all the artists we wanted to see! Perfect!
    The festival is arranged in an island in Turku, which makes transportation slightly difficult. Thankfully on the second day we discovered that as workers we could go there by car without a problem. And so we did...travelling there by a waterbus on the first day was nothing but a pleasant experience.
    Took us two hours to get back because of queues and queues...and it's just a 20min ride. Blah!

    Ruisrock webpage HERE.

    Some pre-event pictures, and a private Carpark North -gig. Ok, soundcheck.
    NO CROWDSURFING? Say whaaat? I need to go back to Holland! Correction: Patronaat.

    Sooo, some of the bands/artists I got to see are the following. Pretty well for being a worker there, I would say!

    Carpark North, kicked off the festival
    Human is so my CN favorite...but not live.

    Pariisin Kevät


    Oh Hayley. Wau.

    Yes, finally! I was so sad for not going to see Hurts in Amsterdam during winter. I just love their album. Would rather go see them in a smaller venue, though. But the band has style, oh yes.

    Jukka Poika
    Last summer's favorite. This summer he hasn't let me down either. New single, Silkkii, is just the perfect summer song 2011 for me. Jukka Poika, I think I can never get enough of You. Lyrics plus melody perfection.

    A 1min stop to see Paradise Oskar, Finland's Eurovision 2011 success. Apparently we came right on time as he was playing the oh, so famous Eurovision song of Finland 2011: Da Da Dam.


    Due to laziness and work the following gigs were photographed with a mobile.
    Checked out a few songs from The National.

    Robyn, who ended the festival.
    What can I say. I've got some news for you, this energetic creature never lets you down. Lyric love for her aswell. Respect for the 'always exciting to see what she's got on' -style. I can promise I was so not dancing on my own on this gig!

    and the gig I didn't want to bring my camera to, due to safety reasons...
    Lord! Never have I been so exhausted from a gig. Never have I been so sweaty and dirty after a gig. Never have I experienced such a gig.
    As my Monday's Facebook status went: "Moshpits, bruises, mud face, adrenaline rush, dehydration, crazy arm pain, leg pain, feet pain, full body pain. That's what I call THE PRODIGY! Ohye-aaass."

    The only minus being someone random giving my legs an urine shower in the front row. Mate, thanks for that!

    Before and after Prodigy. Any difference to be seen?

    The weekend was tiring but the only reason I coped with all the minus sides was the bands. This year the line-up was so insanely incredible that it was hard to believe to be true.

    Thank you to Petra for going with and to all the new friends we made, including Mr. "Sexxxzzyy" and his son.
    Now its time to catch up on the lack of hours slept.

    Did anyone else go to Ruisrock this year? How did you like it?