Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red, red strawberries

Being back at home feels good.

Never in my life have I been so excited and interested in doing 'the normal things'. A year ago I probably would have said no to some of the daily/normal activities I've been upto lately.

Today has been a day of:
- going to explore the local grocery store to see what new organic products they have invented during the passed year ;-)
- picking strawberries (this year there are so many! only one bush and your bucket is full. yum!)
- signing up to a local gym + exercise
- getting some cold, clean and pure spring water from a nearby spring (this I have missed ever so much in Holland)
- sauna&swimming in the lake

I didn't remember how much my hometown actually could offer me !
Or have I just become old(er)? Or have I just begun to prioritize my life more and appreciate 'the smallest things'?
Anyhow, it's good. I have a feeling that no matter how great my last years Helsinki summer was, this summer won't be too bad either. Calmer, but all for the best. ;-)


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