Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My first time at Ruisrock was this year. I went there with Petra, as security guard volunteers but we had Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday evening off. That meant we got to see all the artists we wanted to see! Perfect!
The festival is arranged in an island in Turku, which makes transportation slightly difficult. Thankfully on the second day we discovered that as workers we could go there by car without a problem. And so we did...travelling there by a waterbus on the first day was nothing but a pleasant experience.
Took us two hours to get back because of queues and queues...and it's just a 20min ride. Blah!

Ruisrock webpage HERE.

Some pre-event pictures, and a private Carpark North -gig. Ok, soundcheck.
NO CROWDSURFING? Say whaaat? I need to go back to Holland! Correction: Patronaat.

Sooo, some of the bands/artists I got to see are the following. Pretty well for being a worker there, I would say!

Carpark North, kicked off the festival
Human is so my CN favorite...but not live.

Pariisin Kev├Ąt


Oh Hayley. Wau.

Yes, finally! I was so sad for not going to see Hurts in Amsterdam during winter. I just love their album. Would rather go see them in a smaller venue, though. But the band has style, oh yes.

Jukka Poika
Last summer's favorite. This summer he hasn't let me down either. New single, Silkkii, is just the perfect summer song 2011 for me. Jukka Poika, I think I can never get enough of You. Lyrics plus melody perfection.

A 1min stop to see Paradise Oskar, Finland's Eurovision 2011 success. Apparently we came right on time as he was playing the oh, so famous Eurovision song of Finland 2011: Da Da Dam.


Due to laziness and work the following gigs were photographed with a mobile.
Checked out a few songs from The National.

Robyn, who ended the festival.
What can I say. I've got some news for you, this energetic creature never lets you down. Lyric love for her aswell. Respect for the 'always exciting to see what she's got on' -style. I can promise I was so not dancing on my own on this gig!

and the gig I didn't want to bring my camera to, due to safety reasons...
Lord! Never have I been so exhausted from a gig. Never have I been so sweaty and dirty after a gig. Never have I experienced such a gig.
As my Monday's Facebook status went: "Moshpits, bruises, mud face, adrenaline rush, dehydration, crazy arm pain, leg pain, feet pain, full body pain. That's what I call THE PRODIGY! Ohye-aaass."

The only minus being someone random giving my legs an urine shower in the front row. Mate, thanks for that!

Before and after Prodigy. Any difference to be seen?

The weekend was tiring but the only reason I coped with all the minus sides was the bands. This year the line-up was so insanely incredible that it was hard to believe to be true.

Thank you to Petra for going with and to all the new friends we made, including Mr. "Sexxxzzyy" and his son.
Now its time to catch up on the lack of hours slept.

Did anyone else go to Ruisrock this year? How did you like it?


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