Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midsummers and rain

The second last week of my stay in Holland
...was full of goobye's and see you later's.
Thankfully Jonas S.' friends came to visit, so DUWO wasn't totally empty.

Our last trip to Elswout

Nina and Ida's byebye breakfast/lunch at the yummy Bagels&Beans

Amsterdam with Jonas' friends.
Met my classmate, Elias, and his friends, too! Heikki's friend, Joni, came to spend midsummers with us in Haarlem aswell.

As the weather that week wasn't that special (rainrainrain), our midsummers celebration plans changed. Bowling it was! Didn't really mind, as I've never been that big of a mid-summers celebrator. In Finland midsummers is preeeetty big. You can read more about it here.

Sunday was beachday and Giuliana's birthday. Finally nice weather.

Oh gosh it feels weird to be back home. Already home for one week but so much has happened that I haven't even fully understood that I'm not on holiday, but back for the whole summer! I'll tell you more later. ;-)


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