Friday, February 4, 2011

3countries, 1day

Woke up in Luxembourg.
Went to check out an American cemetery.
Walked around an old fortress in Luxembourg city.
Drove to Remich to walk around and see 10 gas stations within a 500m distance.
Saw a sign to France.
So, drove to France and saw a mini Eiffel Tower.
Stood next to a sign which stated it was the border of 3 countries.
Passed the border to Germany.
Went organic shopping in Germany's cheap Norma -store.
Had an Italian dinner on the border line of Germany and Luxembourg, being served with two languages mixed.
All this traveling with two Spanish, one Chinese and one Filipino-Iranian wnb Finnish.
Today was a good day.




Dinner in Germany

We didn't really get to enjoy the views of France and Germany since it was already dark...therefore we shall do a new trip there tomorrow before hitting the road back to Holland!

G'nite from Luxembourg!