Monday, February 7, 2011

Jessie J - Who You Are

Okay, so some time ago I wrote about "Britain's GaGa Tryout" Jessie J and wasn't too impressed.

Turns out, though, that despite the GaGa:ish and Katy Perry:ish style her voice will probably be what makes her stand out. That woman surely knows how to use her voice. At least it works for me. The hiphopish act doesn't look bad anymore, either.
Anyhow, I still fully think "Do It Like A Dude" is bare horror and disgrace.
Maybe it was supposed to be a the end positive and negative publicity is always...publicity.

We'll see whether Jessie J makes it further than one successful album or not.
Surely going to be on my "who to follow" -list.

The idea of this music video is just great. Nothing new but yet I still love it since this one works so well! "Who You Are" can also be found on Spotify.

"Price Tag" is probably already known for many. Why didn't they boost her out with this one instead of "DILAD"?!

Cha chinggg.


  1. WWAU... kiitti vinkistä! Aika kananlihaosastoa o.O Miten tän löytää Spotifysta?? Ite en löytäny ollenkaan.

    - Janni

  2. No problem!:-) Kirjoitat vaan, että Jessie J niin pitäis löytyä sen biisit "Do It Like A Dude" ja "Who You Are". Tai sit voi tietysti olla, että se on rajattu niin ettei Suomessa kuule...mut luulis kuuluvan. :-)