Monday, February 6, 2012


Weekend in short.

Went to visit the Nordic bar close by to Oxford Street with Matleena from my school. She came to London a week ago to also do her internship. Check out her blog here. There was a Finnish meet-up night at the bar. We stayed for a couple of drinks after the granny me again decided it was time for some sleep. Btw, longdrinks are £3,5 at the Nordic bar. Isn't that cheaper than the price at a bar in Finland?

Hampstead Heath with Johannes. Read more here.

I went to visit my London second home where a lovely lunch was waiting.

As well as cake and some champagne. It was Runeberg's day, who was a Finnish poet. The national poet of Finland.

From lunch I headed off to the Finnish Seamen's Church. In addition to Runeberg's day it was also the final presidential election day in Finland! Many off us Finns had gathered up to keep our thumbs up for our candidates. I did do my duty and vote. Who for - that I'll keep to myself.

Our new president has been chosen and he is Mr. Sauli Niinistö.
Lets see what kind of no-good he'll get our country into during the following years. ;-)

And unfortunately no longboarding.
We got snow in London. Slight chaos could be sensed.
Walking was good ab workout. I think I was about to trip so many times more than ever in Finland. Felt like Bambi on ice.

Lovely weekend, and my last one alone as all the upcoming ones I'll be accompanied by visitors and then...adios amigos. My flight back to Finland leaves in 21 days.
I'm excited and have my future plans for the upcoming year sorted out 50% maybe by the end of this week I can even say 100%. Or well, I guess a year plan can never be 100% sure - right?
but at least the main outlines should soon be falling into place...


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