Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pyjama party

Finally got some Christmas shopping done yesterday! Have to say I did some for myself again...thanks to the already begun sales. (Annaïs thinks I have a bad influence on her with shopping.)
Going to Amsterdam is one big mess and coming back is one bigger mess!
The normally 15min train ride took us 2hours because of lack of information, schedule mess-ups, also non-existing schedules, delays, cancellations and what most - the Dutch having huge problems with SNOW. I suggest preparation for next year, Holland, it'll hit you again!
We did have fun, though. Looking at the bright sides of life. ;-)
Most exchange students have finally made their way home.
Some of us who are still here decided to have a "Stuck in Haarlem & Haarlem leftovers pyjamaparty" in our kitchen.
This morning Scott and James found out their other flight to be cancelled aswell. Now the guys left (it's so silent, I wanna go home, tooo!) to Rotterdam to get a ferry. Hope it all goes well for them!
My flight for tomorrow still looks promising, even though Finland is having trouble with snow, too. (55cm in Helsinki)
Now to pack. Fingers crossed for tomorrows' Amsterdam - Helsinki!


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