Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oslo: Friends and party

n pardi n pardi n pardi n n n n...

On Saturday we had a little party. To celebrate Eivind. And to celebrate me being in Oslo. ;-)
A lot of new people but a lot of old friends, too.

Don't forget to drink your chlorella before any alco beverages! A med to truly rely on.
We remembered, and thankfully so.

Jonas is amazing. When I first saw him on exchange I thought he was weird and crazy. During my Oslo trip I once again proved myself right. Must be the reason why he is such a cool guy. Mental.

It had been long since I last saw Nina! We did spend a whole year together exploring the streets of Haarlem, going gigging, suffering with school assignments, complaining about living facilities and having lots and lots of fun, so it was great to catch up again.
Was so good to see her again and continue the fun times. And she had got the cutest haircut done! Love.

Drink of the night: Finnish Mint cold chocolate. A speciality of my own.
Who needs hot chocolate? It takes too much time to prepare.

We went out to some bar in the center. Was it called Justisen? Anyway, really cool place. Felt like a cottage because the building wooden and had so many small rooms where people could hang out in their own friend groups.
Enjoyed it alot and met lovely people! Unfortunately no pictures as I didn't feel like taking my big camera with me.

One of those amazing new people I got to know was Camilla who had her birthday!
Fun times, crazy times.
Nisa kebab, free fries, mad taxi drivers, Grand hotel lavatory, maxitaxi and 'afterparty'. More like an I seriously need to sleep -party.
Great night.

Sunday was recovery day. Chilling, watching Klovn and going for a tasty raclette dinner at I's house.

This was my huge amount of pictures of Oslo itself this time.
1. Newspapers of 22.7.2011
2. Youngstorget
3. Oslo Domkirke

On Monday morning lovely Tina and Christian came for breakfast.
We continued for coffee before it was time for me to head back to London.
Walked past Sumo Sushi and made us think about Haarlem. Probably not the same Sumo in Norway?;-)
Hadn't seen Tina since Holland, either. About time!
Talked, gossiped and planned alot. ;-) I can't wait for New Years and our little reunion in London!

Read my post of the first days in Oslo here.

I can't wait to go back! And that might be sooner than expected..



  1. Aaaah! Sushi Sumo is like just underneath where I was on internship in Oslo. Miss it like hell :) Hope you're having fun times Hindu-Lindu!

    M xx

  2. Took me a sec to think who is commenting but Hindu-Lindu revealed it all ;) Fun times indeed! Thanks. All the best for you too, M! x