Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekend in Wales

Bangor, Wales

On Friday after a great morning of longboarding (yes, check here if you haven't yet) I went to meet up with my secondary+high school friend, Reea, to catch our train from Euston to Bangor.
Reea being there on exchange, I thought I'd pay a visit.
Thinking of going on exchange or study to Wales? You can read Reea's blog here with all her adventures and see her thoughts about the country.

On Saturday we went to walk around and enjoy the environment and views. The weather was typical for Wales: rain and hard, hard wind. I was lucky I decided to take my puffa jacket with me with warmth more in mind than style. ;-)
Sheep, mountains, nature; trees, water and huge waves, fields, idyllic houses and autumn colors - Wales.

We went for a pancake to the smallest cafe in town. It was on a pier.
The most friendliest owner, an older chap who had been on many business trips to Finland before his retirement. He asked to use my pictures and said he'll make his Christmas card out of one. :-)

We went for a drink to Tap&Spile, a local famous pub.

The cutest lane ever.

On Sunday we went to explore an other part of town, and the town next door; Menai Bridge Town.

Reea thought birds had given the bridge a poop cover but since when have birds been able to poop upwards (from under the bridge), too?

The environment is just amazing! I felt like a hobbit from the Lord Of The Rings as I walked on the rocky hills and forests full of trees.
We visited a cemetery which had a church/shed (I have no idea what it was but it had a church bell and cross on the roof) from 630 A.D. and graves from the 19th century and earlier.

Ok, I get the message but damn - Welsh is one weird language!


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  1. Your pictures are amazing :) Looks like you had a good time again. xx