Friday, October 7, 2011

Better late than never - FLOW 2011

Now this is sad. Flow Festival 2011 was in August and now it's October when I have the time + remember to blog about it.

As if I remember all the spicy exciting happenings anymore... Oh well, lets see what I can still remember to tell you about my Flow festival experience of this year.

° This year I was working at Flow - security guard
° My moment to remember and hype about was me catching a guy that jumped over the fence. Literally running after him in the crowd, grabbing him and taking him out of the festival area. My first try+catch ever - and yes, I do have a security officer license. ;-)
Felt great. All that adrenaline.

°I could see a few songs from different artists as there were me and an other girl working together and it allowed us to have little breaks at times.
° I had Friday off but could only make it to see a bit of R√∂yksopp
°Some artists acts I saw on Saturday and Sunday:
- Empire of the Sun
- The Do
- MC Taakibörsta PA 2011 Reunion
- Rubik

Mr. Kanye West
Who had amazing dancers with him, but nothing else special to comment.
His entrance was slightly amusing rather than mindblowing or exciting.
And I wasn't really fond of hearing all those remixes being played. Why couldn't he have just sang 'Touch The Sky' as a whole as that was the song everyone got hyped about - but no he just sang a bit?

But... the lovely James Blake, who ended the festival leaving me breathless and sad, but smiling.
The Wilhelm Scream just gives me shivers every time.
Mr. Blake was so modest on stage. Felt like he was extremely surprised of all the deserved attention he got, and just by the way he spoke when thanking the audience for listening - it actually for once felt like someone meant it. Great way to end Flow 2011.

Amazing festival.
Never lets you down.


ps. for those who are not familiar with the Helsinki city-festival, Flow, read more here.

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