Saturday, October 8, 2011


Jaleh's Linda model pictures.
After an organic apple cider,
hours and hours of being awake,
hardly any hours of sleep,
 a great night of gigs,
humor that is just unbelievably bad - as today at the office (learning how to play Rebecca Black - Friday),
and what not.

What to expect?
An xtrmly humorous photograph session at the tube station. And in the tube.
I think I'm still tired.

got back from a fun roll up at Canary Wharf. The pavements are just great for skating and at night the traffic is bearable aswell. Apparently many others had got told of when being there, but to us the guards were just helpful when we asked for the way. Interesting.
Maybe we're just not talented enough to go speedy and cause excitement on the fast lane.

Now I'm going to watch Gossip Girl. It's been a year and I'm a season behind.

Good night and enjoy the weekend!


ps. Tomorrow there is a cool club event at the O2. If you have no plans yet - join at Sencity London.
More info on their Facebook page here.
If you have never been - it is surely a different kind of night out. Something to experience!

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