Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HP Rollin'

A couple of weekends ago I finally got Jaleh to buy herself a board.

I remember the first times I stepped on Chris' (or technically Luca's) board and got to try my first steps and slides. That was some feeling.
Can't remember when last falling for an item so heavily. It just really kicked in and felt great.

Now I understand what some of my class' guys were going through in secondary school as they couldn't wait to get out of school and go kick and trick around with their skateboards, do it for hours, fall and rise again, train till their mother's were calling them home for the 5th time...
Dedication. Amazing feeling.

Jaleh, am I right saying I think the same happened to you? Just a few touches of my board and you threw planking, the hobby you never properly started, as priority number 2. Sweeet. ;-)

Straight after buying Jaleh her first board from Camden, we tubed down to test out Hyde Park.

One smallsmall 'hill', two long flats - a perfect starters area. The amount of people wasn't too much either, the day we were there.

Next time we go I want to start practicing board dancing, or stepping as I rather call it. Also kicking with both feet would could come in as a handy talent. well as turning, learning how to break, sliding...

Enjoying the 'hill'.

And a dinner break to enjoy the weather.

Hyde Park sunset.

We rolled down to Buckingham Palace as Jaleh had never been there before.
Had a few rolls on the great pavement outside while watching the police lecture at some 10year old kids who had decided to swim in the palace fountain. Genius idea little lads.

...aaaand as the tubes were a mess and my knowledge of London busses is limited.
I ended up kicking back home and enjoying the London drivers give me interesting looks.
Can't wait to do that again. I love distance boarding!


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