Monday, October 10, 2011

Taru visiting pt1

The first weekend of October Taru came for a London visit.

On Friday after work we met up at Bermondsey station. HOT HOT day that was.
We had a bite to eat, took our time showering and getting ready to go have a look at London on a Friday night. We were up for dressing very CCC; chill, casual and chic - so that was totally the look of the eve. Probably without the last C?;-)

We decided to just have a few drinks on the way as we strolled to the city.
And so we did.
Walking to Trafalgar Square seems to be no possibility at all, I don't understand why everyone always says  
'why don't you take the tube' or so. A waste of money!
Especially if the weather is nice, company is great and there is no hurry.
In no time we found ourselves from Trafalgar but we weren't alone.
For our delight we found a charming little lady getting rid of her last days meals, accompanied by a very frustrated friend who tried to get a taxi, go on her own mission and leave her friend all alone. I guess the word friend wouldn't be the most appropriate to use in this situation.

Some nice girl went to help out the situation and we decided to go ask if we could do anything.
Went to buy some water and as we came back there was this drunken girls 'boyfriend' helping out. Apparently the couple had a baby back at home/the girls house. Excuse-moiii?
Well, instead of giving the water for the girl to drink the boyfriend decided to pour some on her head and then drink some himself. Interesting way of helping.
Anyhow, they said help was coming and everything was starting to get OK - so we continued our walk.

Leicester Square.
All I have to say is that you won't see me going out there in the future!

Wow. We were walking on our way nowhere, stopped by a guy trying to get people into his club.
With us wearing jeans and Converse, I was not in the mood of going into some tryingtobefancy club; but most - I wasn't expecting anyone to want us to go in.
This guy thought different:
Mr: "Come in for 10pounds".
Me: "No way. Can't you see what we are wearing?"
Mr: "Ok, 5 pounds."
Me: "Didn't you hear me? Do we seriously look like we are going clubbing?"
Mr: "Hha."
Me very sarcastically: "Well if you let us in for free we promise to come have a look at your club."
Mr: "Uhh, ok then."

...and so we went. Confused but willing to fulfill our promise.
Through the queue with girls in fancy dresses, tough bouncers with suits on, etc.. into a 'fancy' club with the most suffocating atmosphere, expensive drinks and sweaty smell and feel.
Walked around the club as Taru drank her 5,88costing WKD and tried to avoid any contact.
No matter how the club was full of girls with the most tiniest dresses, there was still a share of guys who were ever so determined to get our attention.
Mission: get out of the club asap.
The mission was accomplished in no time.

So that's my thought of Leicester Square clubs. A definite no-go. Going to one was enough to say the area is on my ban-list.

Experience, experience.
But we were ready to go sleep.


ps. all pictures from Taru!

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  1. I know! Hate going out in Leicester Square. Tried 3 different bars/clubs and they're all shit. Soho is not too bad thought, give that a go. xx