Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bangladeshi Evening

My dear friend, Tania, was visiting her friends in London and luckily she had the time to meet up with me aswell.
I got invited to a true Bangladeshi meet-up and BBQ. Like nothing I've ever experienced before.

I was warmly welcomed, being the only European. Everyone was so kind and helpful, enthusiastic of asking me about my life and telling about theirs. I was even shown a lovely and colorful wedding video from their most current wedding in the family!

Ignore the spices in my teeth! Please. ;-)

Though being offered a knife and fork, I wanted to honor the hosts by living to their culture - it was my first time eating by hand. Like proper proper as in salad, rice and curry proper. Being also an experience and practice for future travels as I hope to visit more of Asia in the nearby future.
Eating salad by hand isn't the most easiest thing, at least the part when actually putting food in the mouth. I guess it's a matter of practicing and learning.
Like eating with chopsticks...had to start from somewhere with them too.

The older ladies of the family were so pleased to see clumsy me attempt eating by hand. Kindly they helped me out and showed some better techniques of how to grab more food at a time. They were so cute!

Later we went to Tania's friends house for Bangladeshi tea. Lovely how so many of the people in their friend group live in one area, supporting and caring about one and other.

Tania also made me a beautiful henna! My first henna experience. I really loved the design and color.
The henna lasted perfectly for a week after which it started to slowly fade away.

Lovely evening with friendly people getting to know the Bangladeshi culture better.
Hopefully I have the time to visit Tania's friend again at some point, as they invited me for a new visit.
And anyways, I bonded really well with the little boy of the house and owe him a game of car racing.



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