Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My first kiss went a little like this - and twist, and twist

'Nice legs, Daisy Dukes makes a man go
That's the way they all come through like
Low cut, see through shirts that make ya
That's the way she come through like'

3OH!3 - Starstruck ft. Katy Perry

3OH!3 @Melkweg 21.5.2011

With hardly any knowledge of who, what, where, when, wootwootwoot,
Esther and me remembered we had purchased tickets for the 3OH!3 gig in Amsterdamn.
With the 'It's just 12,5€ and I've heard a couple of their songs on the radio. It's cheap, lets go' -mentality we went.
But who are 3OH!3?

We got to Melkweg on time, a little early in fact. Friday evening, neither of us really in the mood to be there. But we had bought tickets...

The clock was ticking, time went slow, we were bored, and finally - someone on stage.

But, who are you Sir?
This Mr. played averagely OK, kind of interestingly weird, rockish rap. Nothing I'd listen to at home from Spotify but made its point and worked as a live act. Rockish rap was something totally new to me. Mmmh.
(edit. I've found the answer to my Q and the Sir is Hyro da Hero. Click here for more sugar.)

A break.
Next act.
Who are they?

'Are they 3OH!3?! I don't know what they look like...but I imagined them to look somehow...different. Younger.'
The expressions on our face were probably worth photographing.
'And since when do they play electro rock and weird trance club music without lyrics?'

After listening to a few songs me and Esther happened to turn towards each other at the very same moment. Both having in mind 'should we leave after this song'?
But then the band says: 'Are you ready for 3OH!3?'
Oh, you weren't them after all? Bless!

(edit. I checked and found out that the above band is called Innerpartysystem. Click here. Plus, I just listened to 'Don't Stop' on Spotify and liked it. Why did all their songs sound so hectic and negatively crazy IRL? I blame it on the fatigue and stagnant feel.)

And finalmente: WELOME 3OH!3 !

For some reason I have no good pictures of the other singer, multitalent, Nathaniel Motte. All shaky.

3OH!3 was energetic on stage and got the crowd going.
Unfortunately me and Esther felt like we were at the gig 3-4years too late, as everyone else was, what, 16y old? first kiss went a little like this,
and twist,
and twist...
3OH!3 - My First Kiss feat. Ke$ha


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