Monday, June 6, 2011

ESN Booze Cruise

Jonas beachboy's: "LETS GO EFFIN MENTAL!"
has probably become one of the most quoted lines during this semester.

No questioning why.

On Friday it was time for the long waited for ESN Booze Cruise.
1.5hours of enjoying the beautiful early night views from the canals of Amsterdam.
Or in other words spotting yellow cars, passing boats, passing boats with more than 4 men and men only in them, and at the best - spotting bikes. Drink!
A pretty effective game, believe me.

I left my camera back at home, but thankfully Karen took a few shots (with the camera aswell) for me to share.

The night was yet again amazing. Gay bar, Karen taking Ducky into custody, Burger King discounts, double visits to BKing, too expensive strawberry cakes, missing the bus, chicken fingers, new friends, Lauri from Poland, Chicharito lovin', Squash City/Shitty, bloodstains (who on earth bled on my shoulder...), mental dancing on the table...and what not.
I've had the privilege to get to know so many great people during my Haarlem -life, that I couldn't be more grateful. But after all the fun, this week it's back to the serious business - school, for 5days, and then donedonedone.

A new member of the Haarlem family is our little one, Ducky the duck. She is a she, and she will have such a great life traveling around the world as we pass her on every time we meet up. Her next stop after Haarlem is the Maldives!


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