Friday, June 3, 2011


Antwerp, Belgium

As told about a few posts earlier, last weekend was spent in Antwerp with my daddy.
First visiting Breendonk, the concentration camp, and later exploring the city a little.

We stayed at the Finnish Seamen's church of Antwerp.
Fun fact: The church used to be in the middle of two brothels in the 80s. Think about all those truck drivers and seamen who 'by accident' spent their night somewhere else when being 'mistaken' of the entrance door.

We walked around the port and saw some really nice boats. I've never been sailing, I think. Not on a bigger boat. That's something I really want to experience one day!
Unfortunately the weather wasn't that nice, so we left to find a place to eat in the center.
Had some nice thai food at a restaurant with only one woman working? She was so sweet but looked kind of stressed when serving, cooking and doing everything at the same time. The food was really tasty. I crave for the coconut chicken...mmm.

After, for a walk around the city. What a shame all shops were closed! All those perfect outfits on display...Urban Outfitters and River Island. Oh, my, let me change my favorite shopping city again - if only everything would have been open, I'm sure Antwerp would be winning at the moment. (Ok, nothing wins New York)

As the pictures tell, the architecture was once again something really beautiful. Just my type. Old and detailed.

A bar dad told was popular already 30years ago.
"The name is the Eleventh Commandment. If someone's wife called, they had special answering methods."
Wife calling: Hi, is my husband, Martin, there?
Answer: No, haven't seen him today.
Of course these answers had their price.

Other answers: No, haven't seen him for a few days, Haven't seen him for a week, Haven't seen him for weeks...for a month, year, or the most expensive answer of all: "No, I don't even know the guy."

The next morning we woke up early and went to a market area for breakfast and to marvel at the atmosphere.

There was one large area where they only sold animals. How cute are those parrots? I would love a parrot that can speak...aww! Am I becoming an animal fan, as all the pictures from the market were...of animals? Cute!

The city center of Antwerp is really nice - certainly worth a visit. Didn't have the time to explore around more, but Karen, Vendela and Tina, this final picture is for you. I guess there is no way to avoid Domino's...


ps. how do you like the new blog layout? x

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