Sunday, May 15, 2011

The International Boom Boom Boom Beer Parade

Saturday the 7th of May
A day 20 people will surely remember for a while.

Lets go!
The weather was amazing - it was time for the International Boom Boom Boom Beer Parade.

The parade made its way from Overveen to Amsterdam, leaving at 11am. Of course having the Joking Hazard with us again. We wouldn't have wanted anyone to get lost on this 20km walk...even though that would have been quite a talented thing as there were hardly any others walking.

On the way there were a few stops. First one to be at Ikea. Pee break.
+ a get two Ikea trolleys break.
And let the journey continue.

Picture by Nina
Picture by Karen

Watch out CARCARCARCAR behind you.
Even the cows wanted to join.

And time for the next stop.
Just as I had called the sheep to me again, Josevi went to "make friends". Josevi, that wasn't too successful now, was it!

After many unsuccessful route choices...many kilometers and 1hour of extra walking, we finally found it to the right road. I'm sure I checked the route before leaving! It should have been correct. Blaming it on the construction work.

Another break.

Ruth trying to fool Lauri.

Picture by Nina
Picture by Nina
Fun fun fun fun!

Out of a sudden we were already in the city, far away in some outside corner of the city, but. Thank you for Katharina and her phone's navigation system, we were closer.
And an other break. Karen found a nice place.

Karen after 20km. And yes, the route was supposed to be 20km in total but no, no, it was around 25km with all the false turns and construction work and what not... 5km to go...

Should we have one more break?

Picture by Nina
Next stop - Albert Heijn.

Picture by Nina
Picture by D. Breeuwer
AND SO, AFTER 25KM, 7.5HOURS, BLOOD AND TEARS, TOO MUCH SUN, TOO LITTLE WATER, NEED OF FOOD AND GOING MENTAL we finally made it to Vondelpark, our destination in Amsterdam!
Oh the joy! Oh the laughter! Oh the sore feet! Oh the feeling like we had saved the world! Oh, oh, oh!

By D. Breeuwer
Picture by Nina
Was time for a sit down on the grass. Eat a salad. And fall asleep in Vondelpark for an hour. Or well, in Karen's case - 4hours.

We did it.
We were...perfect.

And actually, the trains weren't even running from Amsterdam to Haarlem that weekend, so what perfect timing. ;-)

And this is what the after party looked like.

Thank you all IBBBBP -attendees! It is the 15th and I still have blisters. Yet I'm still proud and looking forward to trip number 2.


ps. it was also the sad day of a goodbye. my dear annaïs left back home to spain. will miss that little miss crazy, little miss most open and delightful person ever. can't wait to see her again. me gustas tu tanto tanto tanto tanto. t'estimo!

Pictures by D. Breeuwer

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