Thursday, May 5, 2011


Base Noir, picture by Heikki Kynsijärvi

Today it is the 5th of May and that means Bevrijdingspop!

Holland celebrates its' liberation day and there are huge festivals all around the country. Just like on Queensday but this time not so much techno beats.

Our lovely Jacqueline

I predict this day to be yet again awesomeness as my new guest Anni arriving, the band we managed for artist management (Base Noir) is playing at B.pop and the long wanted to havetosee artist, Kate Nash, is performing, too. What best? The festival is free!

Kate Nash, picture from here.

If you happen to be in Haarlem, turn your way to Frederikspark and come and spend yet again the best day ever. You'll probably find me from the front row of both - Base Noir and Kate Nash!

Bevrijdingspop website here.
Base Noir myspace here. here.


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