Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cheers, One For The Mrs.

When Chef'Special's in the house you can be sure to experience what it's like to have a 'My Night Off'.

On the 15th of May, Chef'Special had a free gig at the Oerkap in Haarlem.
If I understood right, it was in memoriam of their Mrs., their one and only, coolest of the cool tour bus, which broke down.
Chef'Special had named their a first and latest album after Mrs., so she really is a big deal.
One For The Mrs.

Despite the rainy day and loss of the Mrs., the band was full of energy. Having also an amazing stage presence and making the people of the full venue jump and dance so much that the wood floor was going up and down. Chef'Special was definitely in control and getting the highest respect from the crowd that I've seen for a long time. I lift my hat for that.
If Chef crouches down, you follow!

What was also nice to notice was that the band attracted audience from 5-year olds to 50-year olds. A really broad fan base, mostly 6teeners but anyways. Though being such a fresh and young band, the fans were already singing along to all the songs (including me...wow) and requesting for their favorites. What I saw was a well built, or rather say earned, strong fan base.

Not often do I buy CD's. Never do I buy CD's from bands who I've been listening to for only a week or two. But never say never. Chef'Special was one of these special exceptions, and it was totally worth it. I've been listening to the CD so much that it is weird my car's player hasn't died of Chef'Special overheat.
What I hope is that the CD money goes to the purchase of a Mrs. placement, and that the band can hit it international one day and make their way to either Finland or England.

...sitting, wishing, waiting,

ps: so do go check out both myspace and the band's own website!

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