Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do you want to go to the seaside?

Team Onepiece goes B-town

Last weekend Jaleh and I took off early in the morning by bus to Brighton.
I had promised her we'd go before she leaves London before me.
And thank lord I keep my promises.

Brighton is lovely. To me Britain had always meant London. I practically didn't see England, or the UK, having anything else than London. The country and Kingdom being just one big city.
Going to Brighton proved me wrong.

As we got to Brighton at 10am we headed off to check out the beach first.
A city with the combination of a Nice beach, the London Eye, Holland's The Hague vibe with archades and rides, craziness of London's Camden as well as calmness of the seaside of Helsinki, all spiced up by placing Taj Mahal right in the middle of the center.

If you ever visit, you'll get what I mean.

We took our longboards with us, as Brighton is known for the board scene.
In London you are lucky to see a longboarder on the streets. Over half of the city's citizens probably haven't even seen one in their lives, neither a board for that matter. You daily get amazed looks from people who witness this oh-so-new freaky invention: a longboard - board longer than a skateboard. Woooow.

In are just like any other person. Nobody gives a damn as: Everyone has a longboard/skateboard anyway!
Thumbs up for all those young fathers we saw in the center riding their longboards as their little kids rode beside on their scooters. Now that's what I call a cool daddy!!

Be wise, skate safe!
(the difference between London and Brighton skaters BTW.)
hint hint

One of my aims for the trip was to find a new little friend. A Penny.
The one and only glow in the dark Penny.
Longboard shop Oddballs had run out of the little plastic piece I wanted but thankfully for the same price I could get one from an other local skate shop called Route One.
Now I have a baby that I can take anywhere, anytime. Ace.

In November (pictures from the skate session here) I had my first push on a Penny. On one just like I now have.
I couldn't believe how good such a small board could feel under your feet. So stable, so fast, and could pump for ever. I looked at Ant trick around with his Penny -board, was amazed and couldn't get the board out of my head since.

That was £8 well spent on a round trip to Brighton. Yes, National Express was damn cheap!

I'm not at all surprised Brighton band, The Kooks, fell in love with the seaside...


ps. if you are interested, there are more pictures on tumblr.

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