Friday, August 5, 2011

Globe Bandelero

In yesterday's post I promised to introduce you to my new love. Well here it is!

My first longboard ever! And oh gosh am I happy.
Since Chris introduced me to longboarding in the Netherlands, I haven't been able to get my mind off it.
Now after weeks of thinking, I finally made the decision and bought one.
Where from? !
Globe Bandelero cruiser.

First I was shocked about the length of the board as I had thought of buying a shorter one. After a little practicing the board turned out to be the perfect solution for what I needed. A good choice for a beginner. Easy, steady and stable. Ended up cruising for three hours on the new pavements of Varkaus, and I think I might just get my board out and go kicking again now.

Maybe someday I'll have my balance and longboarding talent good enough to go cruising like the girls in this video. Oh, I wish. ;-) But damn that looks chill! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend all!



  1. wow the speed is incredible, that it looks dangerous :D but those girls are talented! really cool video, are you gonna take your board with you to london?


  2. really cool video indeed! and i think yes for london! have to check out if there are good places to roll around, though.

  3. cool! i bet there are a lot of good places to roll. i've been thinking about a new hobby for myself, and this would be really cool to do around london, if you're interested hahaha

  4. ey J, i can longboard with you to the places you wanna plank at and then i can take pictures and video of you while you do this precious hobby of yours. but myself - i'll practice the longboarding first before moving on to any other new hobbies ;)

  5. hahah yeah you should definitely stick with the less extreme hobby then follow me ;) hope you'll let me try that board of yours!

  6. haah, yeah, you might even get arrested if you go too radical! maybe i'll take the board already with to JKL next tue so you can test !

  7. that would be awesome, the campus does have pretty good asfalt around!

  8. Love your board! I'm thinking of buying one too :)

  9. Thank youuu Aimée! You definitely should buy one. Great fun! x

  10. How do you like it after couple of weeks? I just got one Bandelero too. Just having some problems with wobbling wheels - did it happen to your board too? Janek

  11. Hey Janek!
    I'm still loving the board. It's fairly easy to use, a good starters board, and I think I got the hang of longboarding fairly quick. Not a pro in two weeks, but at least I'm not scared of hills, and I think I already have a good grip/step to the board. Uncool to hear about wobbling wheels on your board..that's weird. I don't have that problem. Did you buy the board online or from a 'physical' shop? Maybe you can just pop by the store and ask them to have a look at it. Or you can also check if it's just the wheel screws that are a bit loose. Doesn't sound safe to board with wobbly wheels, so I hope you get it fixed soon and can enjoy some nice slides!:)