Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 29

On the week before my Oslo trip I was up to this and that:

Granny-Linda berry picking

Testing the new Finnish products (e.g. this salty liquorice ice-cream) that I'd missed when being away in Holland. Works for me! But I have to buy one for Karen when she comes over. Fazer Salmiakki ice-cream add tells you all: here.

Late night fog drive.

Tampere and the Särkänniemi amusement park.

Getting rid of 2/3 of my closet at the flea market of Tammela, Tampere. Great success it was! And for once I'm happy for getting rid of all the stuff I had. No matter how cute and perfect all those pieces of material were.

Tampere flower week.

Visiting Shasa for the first time (Tampere) with Anni. Amazing raw cake and smoothie of the day. Superlicious! Shasa's webpage here.

Going to the movies with Milja, Taru and Juha to see the Hangover part 2! FunFUnFUN!

...and then OFF TO OOO SLOOO!

Summers just get better and better. I never want that time of the year to end. Could this last forever?


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