Saturday, August 27, 2011

Helsinki sightseeing

I love Helsinki.
It is just one of the most perfect cities in Finland, in my opinion. A great reason for this is of course friends, and most of my best friends have settled down to study or work in the city.
Helsinki is also really beautiful. Especially during the summer. There are nice and cosy parks, amazing seaside, Suomenlinna, lakes, beaches, restaurants, pubs, theaters, a lot of gigs...just a really nice environment. Last summer when I lived there, I swear boredom is something that was never faced.

On Wednesday 17th Jonas, Ingar and me went for a Helsinki tour. Starting with food at the student restaurant.

At the end of the day we went to eat at Memphis but that wasn't all...I went to pick up some 'boxes and cleaning equipment' with Ellu at midnight. This cleaning equipment turned out to be KAREN and we surprised the guys who had no idea Miss K was joining us. How did the guys seriously think we were getting cleaning equipment in the middle of the night...? men.

River Island jacket
H&M shirt and shorts
Monki belt
Todds boots

Linda, xo

Can anyone else see a quality change in the blog pictures, or is it just me and my imagination due to the camera change?;)

Oh, and we did go shopping with the guys. (4 hours!!) Ending up with them buying 3 t-shirts in total. From the last seriouslyyyy...! How picky can you get? 'This is too thick, too thin, too much text, ugly color, the pockets are not the way they should be...' blablablaaa. :D

This day has been a Finnish music -day. Only recently have I started to be fond of Finnish female artists. I don't know why Jenni Vartiainen, Chisu, Anna Puu, etc...didn't ever get ten points from me in the beginning of their careers but now I'm really chilling to their tunes. Therefore this, enjoy:

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