Monday, April 18, 2011

Coconuts, honey and cream

Today's drink
Many are already familiar with the Dr. Antonio Martins CoCo -water (which I largely recommend, what a nice refreshing yet super healthy drink).
But here something new, at least for my eye.
The CoCo smoothie from Dr. A. Martins, a sport medicine professional.
Pure Organic coconut - fresh, tasty and filling.

More products and the website of Dr. Antonio Martins can be found here.

Other interesting products I've been using, and have had to introduce for a long time now are:

A cream for all skin types. What is best about it is how it reforms skin and cleans all impurities of the skin. The cream is said to also fade out and whiten skin injuries.
Q10, which the cream has in it, is a molecule that all cells of the body naturally include. Anyhow, when aging the amount of the molecules in cells go down. Q10 is important for generating energy in the form of ATP. Taking care of the skin, treating and feeding it with this important molecule keeps your skin younger and happier, as well as your body, too. Q10, which is also known as ubiquinone, can additionally be used for migraine pains and may be a help for muscle pains and injuries.

What last - the manuka and propolis bio toothpaste.
Can be found online here.
Checkmarks for: cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.
Includes manuka honey, natural propolis, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint.
The best organic toothpaste I've ever owned. If anyone goes to Australia/New Zealand anytime soon - please inform. I request manuka-propolis toothpaste by rebirth!

Tomorrow I'm getting the best visitor ever round for a week, my mummy.
I can't wait to introduce her to all my favorites in Haarlem and around. Oh, a week won't be enough. (Sumo, Elswout, the lake, Zandvoort, V&D La Place, the beautiful houses of Overveen and Bloemendaal...and the list goes on.)
...and the very day my mum leaves, I get JP and Ansku round.
And then it's Queensday and...ahhh! Time flies!


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