Sunday, April 10, 2011

The backpacking experience

Rome day two

Day two in Rome started off with packing our bags and leaving the oh so lovely China-town part of Rome that we were staying at for the first night. Please understand the sarcasm.
No, it wasn't that bad. It just was not that interesting either.

We had booked a hotel for 17,50€ each a bit further away from the city. Breakfast included.
As it was only 10am and we had hours before check-in, we decided to walk to the hotel. We thought it would not be "that far".

Many tourist attractions were by our walking route, so we stopped to check out a few. Or in the end - pretty many and nearly all that Rome offers haha.

I really loved the Trevi fountain. It was beautiful. Always full of people, so walking around the closest streets was almost impossible. Anyway, it looked stunning as the sun shone on it.
We walked past some (?) building and heard music...tadaa.
The Pantheon. Umm yea, I didn't find it too special. There was a mass going on so we couldn't go in. For me it was enough to see the Pantheon and mass from outside and was OK.
We stopped for a sit down at the artistic Piazza Navona. A nice piazza worth going for a coffee at.
Lots of people selling paintings and other art.
The Castel Sant' Angelo. Didn't visit inside as we had our backpacks with us but it's not expensive - just 5.50€ or so. I'm guessing the views are lovely. There is a park right next to the castle where people like to go jogging. It's also a nice area to go sit down and enjoy the sun at. Small but cosy.
The Vatican square was so much smaller than I had imagined! Loads of people were walking towards us as we made our way to the square. I guess the Pope had just ended his speech. What a pity! I would have wanted to high five the chap and joke around. Or at least take a sneak pic of him talkety talk. Unfortunately we were probably 10min too late.
We had a little trouble finding our second hotel. The map didn't even reach up that far. I had checked the address and route from the internet but it didn't look that far! We asked people for help but unfortunately finding a person who speaks or understands at least somewhat sufficient English is almost impossible. Or at least was for us. Ok, maybe asking all those cute old grandpa's wasn't the best idea but they were just too sweet! Finally we found a pizza-man who showed us the route again. He said it was veeery far. I didn't believe him. And anyway - our motto of the trip was "we're not in a hurry, all we have is time".
So we walked....

And walked.

And guess what?
We walked. And nearly gave up on life.
But yet we continued to...walk.
Until it was 2pm and we had walked for 4hours. We decided if we won't be at the hotel by 3pm we will take a taxi.
So we walked...and finally made it to our hotel.
It wasn't that bad to walk but it wasn't the most best experience either. Love little sweaty pig Linda in +30°C. I suggest people to use public transport as we only later found out that it cost only 1€ per 75min. At least we did our exercises for the day, week or month.

On our way I saw this shop/bakery, can't remember what it was, and a previous exchange student, Elena, came to my mind.

Our second hotel, Il Castelletto, was really cute. Totally worth it's price and more.
After taking a shower we decided it was time for food and we found a nice pizza place to grab a bite at. Crunchy pizza yet again. I totally blame TINA for making me find the love for pizza. I used to hate it ! EW.

We made our way back to the center to check out other places. Guess what part two? We took a bus! But not too far as it started to go the wrong way... We were going to change to an other bus but I couldn't be bothered to wait. Took too long. SO. We walked.

Hello gorgeous!
We found an organic shop from Rome by accident! I was sooo happy. Finally a shop that sold liqourice root! And only 70cnt per root. A must buy.

We found ourselves from the Area Sacra. It was full of cats! Woot.
In the middle of Rome, in the middle of hectic streets - tens of cats.
It was an area you could adopt them from. Nice idea.
Jonas, Lauri, Esther and Tina came into my mind...cats!

We walked past the Pantheon again and there was an aaaamazing artist. My favorite guy of all artists.
He made jewelry out of spoons and forks!
I bought a spoon ring for 15€, which was the only shopping I did during the whole journey. (I'm proud of myself)
I love the ring. It's so great how someone has made up such a fascinating idea. So simple but so pretty !
I want to start twisting spoons and forks into chic rings, too!
So go buy spoons and forks by the Pantheon from this amazing master artist!

Later we went for dinner at a restaurant in the middle of Area Sacra and the Pantheon. It was right at one corner of the Sacra and I reallyreally do not suggest it. The service was just awful and ever so slow. They did not give a s of us. The food wasn't any better than a pasta I would make, either. Oh how I felt like leaving without paying...I even had to go inside to ask them to bring the bill as they didn't come check up on us.
btw, the tips are automatically added on to the final amount, kind of can't not give a tip even though the place would not deserve it.

Day two was full of walking but fun.


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