Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day in Southampton

London was enough for us. We wanted to see something new.
What is relevantly cheap to get to in such short notice and fairly close by?


At 10am our coach departed from Victoria coach station.
Arrived in Southampton midday. The view from the coach wasn't promising and the first thing I did when we got to Southampton was: started to look at the coach times to see if we could make it somewhere else.

Well, we decided to stay.

Headed off to some big mall that was right next to the coach station. Went to the Apple store to check out what possibilities Southampton offered.

And our day continued:

Market on the main shopping street. This meat sales man was hilarious. Don't stay and stand for too long. He will start packing meat for you, give a little extra of this and that on top, pack some other meat and give a little extra and finally just make you buy it. This happened to an elderly man who ended up leaving the meat stall £60 poorer and with three plastic bags of meat in his hands. He'll live on that for a year..

Apparently the Titanic departed from Southampton. Hellooo my success in history studies!
But hey - I've never even watched Titanic the movie so how should I know. ;-)
...I probably should watch the movie. But I don't find it interesting at all.

There are a few museums in Southampton. We visited two from outside. Weren't interesting enough to go into. The only place which I would have gone to was closed. This was the National Oceanography Center.

We walked to the sea to have a glance at the yachts. Nothing major. When I think of yachts I think of the view I've seen a couple of times in Monaco or St. Tropez. Those are the places where you go to look at yachts. ;-)
What was major was the blue phone booth?! Say whaaat?

We got bored.
Boredom forced us to get creative.
Creativeness made us run to the earlier mentioned shopping center and search for notebooks and pens.

The shopping center had this crazy thing! I wanna try, too!

Cider, pen, notebook and stickers.
Let the lyric writing contest begin!

We had so much fun writing lyrics in a local pub. Ordered burgers to feed our creative minds.
I was going to publish the lyrics, both mine and Ingar's, on this blog and ask for you to vote for the best ones. But. I won. Ingar didn't finish his!
Maybe some day when they are completed I can hold the competition. Most likely never so don't stay tuned....hahha! ..or please do!

Suddenly Southampton started to feel like a jolly nice place. We would have wanted to stay and write lyrics for longer!
We were wondering why on earth we came to Southampton to just sit at a bar for 3hours and write lyrics...but my conclusion was:
A creative soul needs a creative space - and this time Southampton provided that for us.

We had to hurry to the bus. Though we did find a Co-operative (kiosk) on the way to grab a few drinks to have on the bus and continue our creative evening.

The story ended poorly. I fell asleep and that was the end of creativity for me.

All in all. Southampton was OK, Brighton is great and London is love.

L (for London)


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