Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back and off again

I'm nearly done with packing.
My brains are not functioning very well. I don't know what I need and what not.
7 pairs of shorts, 8 bikinis, 9 sunglasses (out of which 4 I will give to some cute children or least not take back with me), 6 pairs of old bad shoes (which I'm also planning to not take back with me) and 2 good pairs...etc.
Yeah, too much, I know.

I've been preparing myself like this:

3 x solarium
1 x body combat
1 x body balance
2 x gym
1 x shbam45
1 x cxworx30

+ one internship report (wohoo!)
+ one photography agreement for thesis
+ a not at all ready thesis plan


I also got an objective from dad to borrow. Two actually. Out of which one I will take with me for my research + photography trip!

Tested them today:

Dad vs Linda

I really really can't wait to get back on my board again.
Still have a post about Critical Mass coming up. All I can say is that it was legendary and the best ride I've had so far. The last hill down all the way to Trafalgar Square...that will be remembered very long.
I want to skate!